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  1. I'm restoring a 1466 w/ cab. Where is the best place to get a/c units
  2. You mentioned LED lighting. Don't skimp. There is a difference between cheap and expensive LEDs. I've tried a couple brands and Tigerlight seems to hold up the best pretty reasonable too. I actually put light bars on my 1466 looks like a space ship across the field.
  3. Thanks for the info. Nice to get it first hand. What kind / size implements would you be pulling
  4. I have a b model cat already just didn't know if the rears and trans would hold up. Only problem I see is hydraulic pump drive.
  5. I had thought about putting a DTI466 in it but still have to stretch the frame and you only have 250 hp (if you turn it up)
  6. I found a 4586 for scrap price all new paint and hydraulic lines but engine is blown. kinda figured I'd drop in a 3406b cat if it could handle it
  7. Just wondered how much he a spicer trans will handle in ih 4586
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