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  1. Anybody ever repower 510b payloader? Had a D268 IH engine in. Lost oil pressure. Threw #4 rod through block 22 hrs. on fresh overhaul. Can't seem to find a block anywhere.
  2. I'm restoring a 1466 w/ cab. Where is the best place to get a/c units
  3. You mentioned LED lighting. Don't skimp. There is a difference between cheap and expensive LEDs. I've tried a couple brands and Tigerlight seems to hold up the best pretty reasonable too. I actually put light bars on my 1466 looks like a space ship across the field.
  4. My dad got an 856 this past fall never really worked it till tonight. After 10 min. of plowing it started leaking antifreeze at the head gasket and could smell burnt oil. Wondered if you could retorque the head or just figure on a new head gasket
  5. Thanks for the info. Nice to get it first hand. What kind / size implements would you be pulling
  6. Intl1466

    H fuel tank

    Did you take it off and flip it upside down with the lid on to clean it? May be leaves on the top inside. Or you can use a dentist mirror
  7. Where can I find brake shoes and drums for a '72 international loadstar 1700 AWD
  8. I have a b model cat already just didn't know if the rears and trans would hold up. Only problem I see is hydraulic pump drive.
  9. I had thought about putting a DTI466 in it but still have to stretch the frame and you only have 250 hp (if you turn it up)
  10. I found a 4586 for scrap price all new paint and hydraulic lines but engine is blown. kinda figured I'd drop in a 3406b cat if it could handle it
  11. Just wondered how much he a spicer trans will handle in ih 4586
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