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  1. Do you have a 383 ? Would love to talk with you about it.
  2. Anyone ever put a cav injection pump on a 544 ?
  3. have you ever heard of a 383 prototype?

  4. Thanks for your response. We do have the sales sheet as we purchased it from e-bay. Just looking for more history on the tractor. Have already reached out to kamatsu and international to no avail. Have already restored it.
  5. I heard that they never produced them and that the one I have may be a prototype. Not sure if that is accurate. Bought it in Ohio. Serial no 511
  6. I have a 383 international. Does anyone know anything about these tractors
  7. I have a international 383 made in the kamatsu plant in Japan. You have any info on this tractor. We are from ohio

    1. Gary scheetz

      Gary scheetz

      Anyone know much about the international 383 made in Japan by kamatsu

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