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  1. Lost both brake cylinders last fall. Got loader ( IH 2250 thru Power beyond ) hooked up and fought with what I thought was the priority valve sticking. So the major problem was no 3-point / auxiliary/ loader hydraulics or no steering or brakes. Could not get both systems to work together and stay working. I have changed filter( problem existed prior to filter change), fluid up, PTO has always worked, new brake cylinders, bled according to owners manual, tightened bolts between the rear end and tranny (noticed seep and got about 1-5 turns out of misc bolts). This is where I am at now::: Bleed the right brake( according to owners manual) and everything works properly, leave it set a day and the right brake is gone again, but everything else works fine. Pretty sure I was fighting an air lock on the priority valve but can not figure out where the right brake is going now. When bleeding the right brake, I am getting solid fluid and no air. Yes I have seeps on loader cylinders and steering but these have not gotten worse over the last 5 years. Any ideas????
  2. New to the forum thing, will check around the filter, will take good look at the MVP mount, fluid is good and moving from front to back, if it had a light it is gone because I had to abandon most of the factory wiring. The other thing that I might be fighting is I have had a leak on the mater cylinders for the brakes. Got new cylinders installed but I still have a slight leak on one fitting. The hydrualic issue and the brakes both started about the same time and I hadn't but the connection together until you guys started talking about air getting into the system. Thanks, will let you know.
  3. appreciate the tid bit, will give it a try
  4. I have got a 584 with a a quick attach loader. I lose all power to loader,three point, and auxiliary at times. It may come back and usually acts like there is air in the three systems. It will then work for a while and then die again. I have changed the filter, the fluid, and hooked the loader in correctly to the power beyond. I have read a bunch of the forums and this is my conclusion. My steering priority valve is locking up. If I pull the spring- Hydraulics all work correctly but no steering. The PTO is working fine and I am getting at least 2000 psi on the auxiliary and loader attachment when system is working correctly. When I lose the hydraulics- 00 pressure at the same points. Past forums say to pull and place a groove in the top of the valve. The book says to replace. The big issue is I can not seem to get the valve out of the housing. I can physically move it up and down but can't get it to come past the threads of the plug. I have tried to use pressure to push out and that doesn't seem to work either. Any ideas, thoughts or anything else I am missing.
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