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  1. Thanks! I will try to get ahold of them. It’s just a neat piece of history for the tractor and I’d like to preserve it. I’ve got a long way to go 😂
  2. The dealership was Randall Implement Co. US 50 East Aurora, Indiana. Looking at it, I assume it was just white with red lettering.
  3. So I acquired a ‘61 Farmall 460 that needs a lot of tlc. While I’ve been going over it, I noticed the remnants of the old dealer decals. I can read all the information on one of them, but I don’t know what colors were common on them. Sadly the dealership has closed so no options there. I just thought it would be a nice touch when I get around to restoring it.
  4. Ok guys, thanks for the help, got it running last night. It ended up being a little of everything, sediment in the gas tank plugged up the strainer inlet, bad strainer screen plugged the carb screen. The previous owner tried to get it running, not knowing his mechanical abilities, I tore the carb down. Main jet partially plugged and some of the secondaries completely plugged. Got it back together and she fired right up. Had to leave the choke on a little, I’m wondering about that heat riser on the manifold. The spring is all torn up and mis-shaped. The butterfly is free moving. I’ve got a new spring ordered, but I’m not sure of the correct position. Saw a photo of the spring installed on a 460 on the internet and will use that as a starting point.
  5. Looks like some crud in the fuel strainer neck, no screen in the tank. There is fuel seeping around the inlet fitting, might be drawing air there too. Messed around a little after I got it home, got enough fuel in the carb to drive it off the trailer. I had quite the pile of stuff on the trailer. Farmhand F11 loader, Massey 3 bottom plow, the 460 and a bush hog mower.
  6. I’m going to look at a gas Farmall 460, turns over good, runs good for a short period of time then dies. Besides the usual plugged strainer, or scale plugging the inlet in the tank, what should I look for? Owner claims they have checked and have good spark.
  7. Allstates Ag, they have several salvage yards tractorpartsasap.com
  8. Could be, owner is certain it is a Case. I guess I’m driving 5 hours to see it tomorrow 🤪
  9. Ok, I found an old Case hay rake. Any ideas about the model? Parts availability? Thanks.
  10. Ok guys, I Got the pump rebuilt, turns freely by hand. I read a method on raising/lowering the belly pump so I included s few pictures of my interpretation. Basically I just used a 3/4” coupling and a piece of pipe for a guide. I just lifted up on the pipe and grabbed it with some vice grips and then set s floor jack under it. I looked and do not have anything in my filler cap. Thank you all for your input on my project. She’s almost ready for a start!
  11. Thanks for the tip on the cap. I don’t think mine has anything in it.
  12. So today was like Christmas! Post office-parts were in, hardware store-had what I needed, Case dealer-all my special order parts were in. So to clear the bench I finished the belt pulley tonight with plans to tackle the belly pump soon.ya
  13. Got our to the shop tonight, I needed to get that coupling off of the transmission side of the belly pump input shaft. I’ve tried darned near everything. In one of the archives someone had mentioned about making a socket so tonight I did. Impact wouldn’t budge it, but a 3/4” breaker bar and cheater did. Coupler all back together with 2 new seals. Still waiting on belly pump parts from the dealer.
  14. Ok, tried a few things. I assembled the pump without the shim, that’s a no go. I went ahead and made a replacement shim out of brass the same thickness (.002”) as the blown out one and it works perfectly. I am still waiting on parts from the dealer to finish the project.
  15. So I’m new to Farmall tractors, while I’ve been working on the ‘42 H I noticed something. There is a number 2 in the cast under the steering wheel support on the operator’s platform. I haven’t come across anything in all the reading I have done. Any ideas?
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