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  1. This year I bought a 1460 because of other issues with this combine. I am posting still because I want to learn more. I also want to figure out if the engine is worth keeping for a backup for my 656 or my uncle's 460.
  2. No black smoke but a noticable haze out the exhaust. I haven't noticed a resister, but I haven't looked for one. It is the presolite distributor on this engine. The confusing part is that it ran good for soybeans last year and half of corn and then ran rough intermittently.
  3. Sorry for a long time with no updates. Here are se.close ups of the spark plugs
  4. I set the points at .025 per the operators manual I will tighten the gap and see what happens.
  5. Unfortunately there is no external adjustment on the combine carb. I don't know if there is any internal adjustments. Right now it runs good at idle, wot, and for the 1st quarter mile. After that it starts to stumble some.
  6. I thought lean conditions would lead to white ash on the sparkplugs? The water temperature is only 3/4 up the gauge. The carburetor was rebuilt last year. I am not disagreeing with you I am just trying to troubleshoot and figure out the next step. Thank you
  7. Hi everyone! After only 40 acres on the 715 the electrodes on the sparkplugs fir cylinders 1,3, and 5 were completely worn off. 2, 4, 6 looked ok, what would cause this?
  8. That is what I was thinking but I wanted to make sure
  9. I believe it is called monarch tractor company. They have a 70 horsepower tractor that is good for several hours and it comes with a second battery. The thought is to swap battery packs and charge them over night. I believe it is developed for orchards and vineyards.
  10. Is a 3000 loader off a 656 utility a direct fit to a row crop 656? Thank you.
  11. Well I guess I over thought things, not for the first time. Lol. I tighten the sperator clutch again and I got it to work. It took almost a whole revolution of that notched ring to tighten it up. Never thought it would need that much.
  12. This is the linkage I have seen adjusting. If I make it engage sooner the clutch won't snap over center. But if you hold everything runs fine. If I adjust later I can get it to snap over center but then nothing runs
  13. I do have the operators manual, it says how to adjust the separator clutch but not the linkages
  14. Update time, I worked on the cbime yesterday. I took off the inspection plate and I set the lever in the cab so that everything in the clutch seems to move smoothly and properly. I did not see any foreign material in the sperator clutch. I adjusted the ring about 10 notches untill there was some resistance to move. The end result is sperator won't engage. Do I need too adjust the ring more?
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