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  1. I think it is a 13 foot head. I know grandpa took 5 28 inch rows with it. It is a corn bean special. It is a gas hydro, I assume use 1st gear?
  2. So I am getting the 715 ready to harvest soybeans for my first time. I would appreciate any advice. Is the owners manual spot on for settings?
  3. She is not being unreasonable, it is not like she is telling me that I have to buy a john deere. Plus it is premission to buy another tractor, never a bad thing.
  4. That was the price of the tractor. Back to a high hour magnum or mx110-135 being the most likely candidate
  5. Oh I know I spent my childhood riding on the fenders of a 1256 or stuffed in the corner of a 3594. But this is what my wife wants and it is reasonable in my mind. My boys are 2 and 3.5 and I know how much they can get into. My fear is them using a shifter or hydraulic lever at a bad time.
  6. Unfortunately the rule is no seat belt no ride. Was hoping to find something that has a buddy seat for 10-15k.
  7. I am casually looking at tractors with a cab so I can more safely bring my boys along with me. I saw a 3688 near me and in the picture of the cab it looks like there is a fair amount of space to the left of the seat. I am wondering if a buddy seat for a boxcar magnum would fit? How different are the cabs between 88 series and the 1st gen magnums? Thanks for the help!
  8. Its alive!!!!!!!! I want to give a big thank you to everyone who helped with all my questions.
  9. I have nice spark now. The contacts inside the cap are pretty worn. That is why a wanted a new cap. I am disappointed that the listing were not more clear.
  10. Update. I have spark now. I have been very busy but finally had time this weekend to work on the tractor. Now I want to rebuild the carb. I had to clean the old parts really well to get spark. The new parts did not fit, are the new parts wrong or do i have a funky ignition? Old parts on left. On the bottom picture you can see the spring for the point is curved the wrong way
  11. I am no-tilling with it. The farm is lighter dirt that responded really well when grandpa was farming it notill
  12. That would be amazing my book says nothing about dry fertilizer. Even if you could just find the chart with the different chain and sprocket settings that would be helpful
  13. What sprocket settings are you using?
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