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  1. Same issues with 8950,seems that slight movement or even resting hand on hydraulic levers sometimes effects the whine.less noticeable above 1600 ish rpms.Its very aggravating!
  2. Were both seats a option on a 1456 or did they only offer the hydraulic seat?
  3. Wright90

    5488 Wiring

    You were spot on,thank you very much!!
  4. Wright90

    5488 Wiring

    Doing some electrical repairs and haven’t been able to identify this wire.Under the dash by fuses,it’s a black 12 ga with white tracer with a eyelet.comes from main harness loom.I will try to attach a picture.Looking at the wire diagrams I don’t see this wire, hopefully some 88 guys can shed some light.Maybe it’s just a ground.
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