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  1. I have an old connector catalog printed in 1991. (CP-646 C) It was in a box at an auction. Deere parts catalogs for a 4440 also show these and many other connector options. Pages 40-150 thru 40-156.
  2. left to right---266515C1-----266516C1------225287C1
  3. Any one out there have a piston kit part number( 41 874 07-S) ? This is a ,010 oversize piston and ring set for a K181. THANK YOU
  4. Could you be more specific on "creative"? Thank You farmall57
  5. Could someone refer me to an online parts book for this and other older model cub cadets. THANK YOU
  6. The input shaft that carries the charge pump and the rotating pump unit.
  7. Who builds the hydro units in a 1250? I am looking for parts. thank you
  8. This engine is worn out. Has already been bored .060. I would consider a complete engine. Any recommended HP suggestions? Does Kohler make a replacement engine and how well does it fit? My model number is K181 and spec number is 30564d.
  9. Their are fie diodes in this six pin body. Terminal "c" is common to the others. In failed mode all 5 are "open " both directions. When warm their is resistance one way.
  10. Power shift indicator light comes on at engine start up and stays on continuous, not flashing. It will not flash with clutch pedal down.Tractor will not move. It only gives trouble when it is cold. Below 10 degrees . Pull it in shop for 5 minutes (60 degrees) and everything works properly. Temp probe has 1464 ohms at 4 degrees. I installed a 220 ohm resistor I had hoping to fool it into thinking it was 140 degrees. Set outside overnight and still the same failure. Tractor serial number is 1021947, no neutral on reverser control. The service manual code chart has a footnote that says to heck the SHR suppression diode. Correct, me if I am wrong, is this he 6 pin diode above the main hydraulic pump (A187863)? This diode tests bad when cold, warm it up and it checks good, put it in the freezer and it goes bad again. I have one on order. Funny thing is when tractor is operating properly I can remove this diode and it still works like it should. I am getting ready to hang a trouble light by the shift selector lever switch. Trying to determine what warms up. I am doing this outside beause it takes am overnight cool down to fail. The forward and reverse pressure is good I have not checked power shift pressure. Could all 4 pressure switches fail at the same time? HELP Thank You
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