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  1. Ray; I remember that light getting turned over for belt work at a neighbors place and learning some new words when we came out of the house after the noon meal and their billy goat was standing on the W6 hood chewing on the wires from the light /charge rate switch.He had already are part of Bill's leather coat on the seat.I gave a set of those light brackets to someone that needed them and now I need a set for an OS4 as well as the exaust elbow for it..WD9 rear brackets are similar so could grind a pair flat if I can't find the right ones. The elbow will be tough to find
  2. If this is the " W4 on steel" that you ment;It is acually a W6. It was bought new on steel .It was the only way you could get them at that time .I was about 2 in the picture so don't remember much[that hasn't changed] but it likley has a cast iron gear shift knob too.If I rememer right ;I was trying figer out how in h--l I was suppost to work that clutch pedal
  3. Good to see you got the old A running again Ray. I thing you are right on the W4. That what I thought it was too.I would like to see this guy drive this tractor again too but no clue where it went
  4. Now that I think about it ;anchor was the brand name on the hoses.That little tool was neat,It fit over the sleeve,pushed it back,inserted a pin though the tool and turned it out with a wrench exposing the seal or O ring
  5. Those are anchor brand couplers that IH used in early 50's .I have [or had]the tool to change the seals.Do you want some more?
  6. Please contunue with this thread .Sorry if I bothered anyone with anything I posted.Maybee this -50 windchille is getting to me.I will continue to read the thread though. Thanks for the rides
  7. I have enjoyed this thread as well but sometimes think I should not post on it
  8. I never heard of derrick theshing as well and the header and barge was a little different here as well The push binder was the same with the knotter ,elevators and bundle carrier and replaced with the "header atatchment" Most of the barge wagons were low and self unloading.Stacks were dumped in pairs and hand pitched into the seperater later. Someone road in the barge and placed and tramped the crop as in fell from the elevator.I understand that was one of the"dirtyist jobs"
  9. I had an AC 40[ right front] stored in my yard one summer after an auction;4ft cut.When the owner came for it I told him if it was Ih it would have got lost.He replied "if it was IH it would never have came here"
  10. The sprayer worked quite well ;just used a 3 way valve in the cab to divert the chem mix back to the tank for shutoff.Had a lot of problems with different markers we tryed. Biggest boo boo was using the truck cab instead of the 403 cab and not mounting it high above the engine
  11. I bought a IH 403 auction sale combine to build a sprayer then changed my mind and made one from a 65 chev 1 ton 4x4. Used a pulley on a rear hub to run a variable displacment piston pump so ground speed wasn't too critical.Sprayed about 20,000 acres with it [which isn't much now]when we started to zero till which was too rough for the booms.would do 600 acres on a good day and that was good at that time
  12. MD Cat;I seen to have CRS .That #combine would have an engine so you didn't need "no stinkin live pto"...On that srayer ;it looks like the driver would be sitting above the spray drift,not like the W6
  13. MD Cat;Tell me more about using the TD6. I remember a man using his D2 on a pto combine and using the steering clutches for live pto.Did you use they as well? The farmhand on the TD6 ;I neaver heard of a farmhand on a crawler before.Were you stacking loose hay from low soft ground? The Ribstone creek flats had some dams to back the water up untill mid summer and they drained it. Most of the ranchers used Ford tractors with duel tires ,a sherman overdrive and a haybasket or buck rake on the 3ph to take the hay to higher ground and they stacked it with an overshot and some with farmhands.Is that what you were doing with the crawler? Street pads or grouser bars?
  14. MB CAT; that would a very high end sprayer in its day. My cousin put together a sprayer when 2 4-D came on the market.Made some booms on the front of his W6 and pulled a converted model T wagon with a oval stove oil tank on it's end.I think McCoud's or some one sold the tank lid and other hardware for it. I think the rig is on a junkpile at my son's place.My cousin died of cancer at a failrly young age and he woundered about driving into the 2 4 D fumes from that front mount and low seated W6 and doing all that custom work as it was the only sprayer around then.I have heard 2 4 D could not be interduced now .
  15. I had a pic of a massey #20 combine to post but I must of deleted it. The only other one I've seen was between Moose Jaw & Weyburn. Kjohn ;do you travel that road? They must be a rare bird.I've only seen a couple of MH 18 pulltypes too Wasn't at the massey plant but was at the MF farm north of Toronto in 1961 or 2 .It was early November and they were waiting for heavier frost on the corn to change the starch to sugar before they silaged it . [if I remember it right]
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