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  1. It says parts 17 and 18 are plugs. Are they supposed to plug these holes in the race?
  2. I can't really tell what parts 17 and 18 are. Here is a photo of what I have, on the shaft in order. I have replaced all the orings I could see, but maybe there are some that are completely missing that I am unaware of. It seems like the oring on the upper thrust bearing race should keep oil from entering the top part of the column housing...but it is! There are three sets of plungers with springs in between them in the middle body, and one hole that I am guessing is a drain hole for oil to drain back into the gear box. Thehole looks decent sized, but it is just a tiny pinhole in the center. The I.D. Of the race is also larger than the steering shaft, so not sure what would keep oil from filling from there. This thing is frustrating me, and I have taken it apart more times than I care to mention. It really doesn't seem to be that complicated, but I am having a hard time with it anyway.
  3. Hey guys, I am new here. Should I have posted this in the "General IH" board?
  4. I am working on a 340 utility gas and have a hydraulic leak out of the square vented plug in the top of the steering column. I have taken it apart several times, but still haven't solved the issue. The o rings have been replaced, and I blew out all the lines to make sure they were clear. I really can't see how the oil is getting into the top end of the column, as there is an o ring that looks like it should prevent that. Any suggestions would be great.
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