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  1. The bronze rims are the same size the pickup came with from the factory, and have more of an off road rock crawler look. The blms don't really go for the beedlock look
  2. It's an aftermarket set up from katskinz leather, pretty spendy I guess
  3. Other than my wife's minivans I've always had 20 year old or older vehicles, actually I haven't had a vehicle with air conditioning in about 10 years now for myself. I like my 78 Cummins 1 ton 3+3 chevy but it is like driving a 50 year old semi. Finally bought a newer pickup and Jiminy Christmas it's like a spaceship it's got so many things on it. Can't get over how quiet and nice it drives. Had to take the blm looking wheels off and put somthing on that dosnt throw gravel all over the nice paint.
  4. I am just doing grass and good hay only, I like lean grass fed beef better in the smoker than the fatty beef, also it's much more healthy.
  5. I just bought a set of split rims that were on an f12 I think just for the tires for our super c, they were 36
  6. Update, he has no spine damage only muscle damage, and there are no complete tares so that means he will be OK just needs to do his excirsises and stretches and has to deal with the same physical therapy guy that beats up my shoulder. Thanks so much for the prayers .
  7. Sitting in the er with zeke he fell on his head and messed up his neck, pretty big bumps sticking out the side
  8. If you been wondering what had made us grow, a generation hard as stone, my fathers father may God rest his soul, he taught me somthing you should know, you put your shoulder to the wind you put your nose the the grindstone, you work your fingers state to the bone.
  9. To much snow here but usually go out around Easter looking
  10. The tractor pulled horrible last year but this year we not messing around, changing hitch hight, bigger tires , probably ly going to take off the hydraulic stuff and put the weight more towards the back. We on gravel mostly so don't have to worry to much about front coming up it's just traction. These were taken last summer,
  11. Teaching zeke about safty with the handyman , blocking a tractor , and pry bars . Told h dont need help today just learn.
  12. Sounds like our kids could be best friends haha.
  13. Yes 11.2 36s they will be going down the dusty trail, pm me
  14. The tires are titan 12.4 36 and there replacing the 11.2s
  15. Zeke made a great deal on new 20 year old tires , still has nobbies on the tread, it will be pulling 3500lb class on mostly gravel tracks, seems like on them tracks and that weight the new tires do good since there not digging so deep and the track isn't beat up yet, hope they do well
  16. Diesel swap will cost more than just taking the gas to a good shop and have em make a bearing, or they will machine it to fit another bearing that exists already, then when it's apart re ring it and you have a fresh engine
  17. I just got this from iron bull, look it up but there was a deal i cant remember through what but they would pay for like 70 percent of a rops sytem as part of some safty deal.
  18. Only thing I don't like is the number, they should have just called it the 66
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