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  1. The tires are titan 12.4 36 and there replacing the 11.2s
  2. Zeke made a great deal on new 20 year old tires , still has nobbies on the tread, it will be pulling 3500lb class on mostly gravel tracks, seems like on them tracks and that weight the new tires do good since there not digging so deep and the track isn't beat up yet, hope they do well
  3. Only thing I don't like is the number, they should have just called it the 66
  4. This tractor is what dreams are made of, beautiful
  5. They 560 got 1st in 6500 and 2nd in 7500, the super c was one of the first down the track and I hit a hard spot and spun out, other super c would go like 100 foot more after that. Now I know, the 560 grabs hard on hard ground, this not so much, always learning
  6. The pic with the dirty faces was after that attacked a mallberry tree
  7. I like the mower but we don't really need it, I made alot of my lawn into prarie and pasture
  8. 6bt cummins with intercooler and nv4500
  9. Bought my 5 year old his first tractor. I came across this super c with rebuilt belly mower for 1425 and I bought it for 1200. Will sell the mower so ya can't beat that price. Runs great, new lights , fires up fast. Will pull it in the 3500lb farmstock class and when he is old enough he will pull it.
  10. The belly tank sits at the same level as the drawbar support, dosnt sit as low as ya think just comes up both sides. Also these were mostly used on the large tillage tractors instead of the row cropers. I have one on my 1456 and it's handy when it's midnight and your 5 miles away from the fuel barrel, just hit the switch amd watch the gauge go up
  11. I'm the hermit of Sleepy Eye, I dont get out much,
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