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  1. Will be mostly for raking hay, but the extra weight on the bottom will help in the slant ditches
  2. So right now my 544 is getting a full overhaul and anything it needs done. This summer I will be painting it and finishing it up. I was looking at steps for these and there like 350 to 650 bucks for a nice step, thats pretty spendy for a step. I have a buddy that's an amazing fabricator and has all the equipment to do it, I had the idea of taking in the 1456 and tell him to make a replica belly tank for the 544 but to match the size of it then use that for a step. I even considered having it a tool box vrs a tank sins I don't need that much gas . What are your thoughts.
  3. I dont have pics but at work I run D6, d8 , excavator from 345 and down, blade sometimes , skids , loaders around 980. Most of the time I'm side floppin with my peterbilt or belldumping. Made a little video of my work. The blue peterbilt sidedumping and belly dumping is me
  4. The onx ap really fixed alot of that, on my ap I can look and see public land highlighted , private land boundaries with the names of the owners right on the map, every single hunter should have that ap,
  5. Holy moly a moose would be an absolute dream
  6. I wish there was more places that didn't make ya pay for fancy meals and lodging, I want to pay for the quality of what I'm hunting then sleep in a tent or the van with my boy zeke. Part of hunting for me is roughing it not living it up in luxury.
  7. 2022 I was wanting to look into doing some out of state hunts. Always wanted to get a mule deer but having 4 kids and busy in the fall I can't just take a month off to hunt public land. Anyone use outfitters? I would like to find a spot to go to but it's real hard to choose from all the places. Don't want to spend thousands and not have luck, or don't want to shoot tame deer ether. Anyone have luck with a place ? Also want to go pronghorn hunting this year.
  8. I'm a fan of 11.00 15s on the smaller tractors, with 8 bolt hubs, dont care of its overkill I just like the look
  9. Some buddies deers , from a few out of state hunts, not much getting shot around here. The last pic is of a buddy who shot the biggest deer of his life but had a guy lie and say he just shot it and it was about to die, I talked to the same guy right before and his story was way different, that happend at camp ripley
  10. Indiana jones, Back to the future Ghost busters Braveheart Anything by trey Parker and Matt stone
  11. The itire front end is rebuilt, and I don't think it's that, did the same thing if I was steering with it not moving vrs steering when moving which is alot of difference in resistance
  12. Don't forget the mooseknuckle shuffle.
  13. Ya that happend with my wheatland. But this one is different. It almost seems like it's low on hydrans but has new filter and is filled up
  14. Dirk has a band called hot country nights , it's very good and very funny. Kinda a 90s style band and they where costumes and fake mullets.
  15. Do you mean to see if it's the front bolster?
  16. Just checking in, got time this week to fix but don't want to tare stuff apart if it's the wrong thing, especially the belly tank.
  17. The brakes work but I guess I don't use them enough to know how good. And there seems to be a little resistance when the grind sound starts
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