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  1. He says he isn't just trying to do good at the state championship but he wants to win.
  2. He just can't stop winning, got another 1st place , got 2 1st places and a 2nd place so far this year and he has around 16 total pulls
  3. This car is an awsome find, I'm literally watching the dukes of hazzard as I read this
  4. He will be pulling next at lake crystal then at heritage days in Montevideo next Saturday
  5. Leg power, as soon as they stop its hard to get started again , also technique,
  6. Last year at this time Zeke got last place outta 20 kids pedal pulling, then he exercised alot and later that summer got a 2nd outta 20 and went to the state pulls. Well this winter he would do sometimes 50 to 100 squats a night, he would go for runs , rowing machine , he even did a workout with me at crossfit called the murph , a 1 mile run , 100 pull ups 200 push-ups 300 squats and another 1 mile run. He also took his pedal tractor around the 4 mile bike trail around sleepy eye lake 3 times, 2 of which he had a trailer and pulled his siblings . Well he had his first pull of 16 this year and got 2nd place. We both are incredibly happy and I'm glad he learned that hard work pays off. Going to need to build a trophy shelf
  7. We painted this in Iraq for a buddy killed. Im on the far left
  8. My wife has had bad headaches and went to get a CT scan and they found a brain hemorrhage. She has had a ton of health issues over the last 2 year, tumors with cancer , and all sorts of other things.
  9. My boy zeke finally leanerd how to clutch , shift, and run the throttle. We had a bunch of 1.5 in rock on the yard and was to ruff on the kids feet and bike riding, so I had zeke dig it up and he ran the super c and I ran the blade. Was one of the proudest days of my life
  10. My cousin hid these elk sheds on there trails in Minnesota so his wife would randomly find them thinking there was a bull elk near by.
  11. I like mufflers on everything, I even have mufflers on the puller tractors, even a big oval one on the super c
  12. There are factory once and home made ones out there, I have not figured out this one yet if it's original or not. I know the wheel is from a steam or hit and miss tractor. I'm guessing it's a company that made it and would use the parts they could find cause I seen others that look very close to this one
  13. I have a McCormick 15 30 tractor but mostly will be on the 7hp majestic engine
  14. Shame it was scraped, I bought this for display and just to let it spin without actually cutting wood, alot of people would have like to buy that just to do that.
  15. It will be for a display , you belt it up let it spin and teach people how things use to be, I don't even have a wood stove. Just a bonfire once and a while
  16. Found and bought this flywheel wood splitter to belt up to the 7hp majestic hit and miss engine. There's a reason every once and a while ya see an old timer missing an arm or hand, maybe some fingers
  17. The swinger wasn't what made them the hot model , it was the dodge skat pack option that had all the goodies, the skat pack came with dual exhaust, 340 4speed a833 , high impact colors , heavy duty suspension, rally dash, and I think a few other things, oh also the polyglas gt tires
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