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  1. Video I me and my buddies tractors at the last pull, he even had his 10 year pull for the first time
  2. Axles are black on this farm, wait....... I hope that's now why she likes em🤣
  3. Just a few more days, and hopefully we will meet
  4. Nevermind, it was a piece of velvet hanging, silly deer tricked me
  5. Always dreamed of a drop tine buck, looks like I'm after mostly just this guy
  6. They are hubs from an ih utility tractor from the 70s
  7. He has the state championship pedal pull tomorrow, I said whe should have left the paint and put an ih decal on him
  8. My dad has a 230 with the same hubs on he wants to have duals made for it.
  9. So I was taking chains off the puller tractors to unload and I head a loud pop, my boy comes walking out of the barn shiny red, I scream zeke is that blood and sprinted towards him. The littler trouble maker hit a paint can with a hammer. I for sure have some more grey hairs after that.
  10. Got to love them little duel hubs, exactly the weight I needed
  11. Well update on this year's pulling with Zekes super c, first pull I did, on gravel it got 2nd with 181 feet, and the last pull I did I got the farthest pull of the whole day at 261, full pull they told me to stop cause it just kept on going, was 60 feet ahead of 2nd place. The first pull the front was light and I had to stop cause of it, I put fluid in the front tires and front weights and took some weight off the back and the thing is the best balanced puller I ever pulled.
  12. The problem is young guys do want to get into it but there are a few guys that go out and buy everything then make crazy prices. Even the common engines that should be cheap like a hercules or associated, are insanely expensive. I would love more engines but the price is just to high
  13. Buddy told me I should put the wheels in as far as they go for tractor pulling, said they will spin together better vs back and forth, what do you guys think? It does pretty good as it is but always want to do better. I pull stock antique class 6500 7500 and 8500
  14. I have family by Montevideo, wonder if they seen this thing new back in the day, my uncle is an ih guy and farmed there during that time
  15. Might as well put both them on the the list, babies aren't made that way.
  16. This was a few hours after the last pic, hard to tell but the first one does look like a different bigger one
  17. I'm happy with the new spot, put a cam up 2 hours before this pic
  18. Anyy get there deer cameras up yet or get out and scout for buck beds? I've been busy and haven't got more than 4 hours of walking in so far and not seeing any big buck sign. Post pics of your sweet trail cam pics or awsome things found scouting . My boy zeke is itchy to get out, little guy walked through vegetation taller than him for 4 hours and never complained
  19. Will always say the 240 wide front looks way better on a c to 230
  20. War is dumb, I been there, there's no reason for it.
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