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  1. All my cats are inbread and every once and a while have a few extra toes and act kinda derpy
  2. They may be from another country but they are living wild and free range in the US there are around 150k wild axis deer in Texas and around 800 are shot a year.pretty much the same thing as a pheasant, pheasants were brought over from China and now are wild to this area, man mad migration. The axis I will be hunting are free range wild, no pens
  3. Ya zoo hunts I don't like, only way I think that's OK if it's someone with a disability or maybe someone at an age where they can't handle a hunt. Maybe a wounded vet or somthing, im ok with that but if you are able bodied then might as well get the bow and kill a steer, wich I acutely want to do but my wife says no, I told her we are butchering him anyway and he is a dick buck she says then we have to load him up and cut him up before we go to the butcher so I guess no bow steer kill for me.
  4. I'm not a fan of fence farm hunts but guided I'm ok with. Think of it this way, if your going out of state to hunt somthing you could spend 1000s of dollars and weeks of time off work and you might come back with nothing . I can't afford to take off alot of work and I got 4 little kids and wife I don't want to be without, so if I pay for a guy to guide me to the good spots it's no different than me telling my brother in law where he should sit on the inlaws farm during slug season.
  5. They have night hog hunts with thermal sight ar15s and they let ya do that for free. They even said Zeke could bring his 22 and shoot some. Hopefully I can get lucky and get a bobcat. Also if you tag out early you can hunt all day for hogs and varmints if you choose
  6. This is the original creator of king of the hill that wants to do it again, he did alot of the voices on the show so it's not really people taking somthing and redoing. It's the same people from before continuing the show
  7. They are almost always a 6 point with average 30in main beams, even the small ones are big compared to Minnesota writable bucks so it's a win win ether way
  8. The interwebs and people I talked to through the outfitters said its better than elk meat and one of the best meats for taste there is.
  9. So I was looking into going on a hunt through an outfitter next fall and while looking I found out about axis deer. I never really heard much of them and didn't even know what they looked like, I thought they were small things. Well I found a place in Texas and myself, my 6 year old boy Zeke and my cousin are going to go there in April to hunt axis. I didn't know but they are considered exotic even though the are wild there because they were introduced in 1930 amd are rough of the whitetail population. Can't wait to go. Will be a 2 day there amd 2 day back road trip taking our time and then a 3 day hunt. Anyone here ever hunt axis before?
  10. If you have Hulu they have every episode on there streaming
  11. That's the road hunting seat to get rid of coyotes
  12. So Mike judge is going to start making the show King of the hill again, but in the new episodes everyone on the show will be 15 years older and take place in this time. Will be interesting how they do it, the characters were all right wing conservatives. Bobby and the other kids will be in there 20s. Hope they don't ruin it. I liked the show so much growing up my internet name is rusty shackleford wich is the fake name dale gribble used, and I even have a dale gribble tattoo
  13. Where you planning on painting the gold demonstrator? I thought you had a bunch of the gold done already.
  14. That combo is the first big piece of equipment I ever ran, I was 7 and my dad got me started cause the clutch was hard and he jumped off and I pulled the same disc till late that night, I felt like the coolest guy who ever lived . Same disc , open station 1456 the one I own now.
  15. Well I always learn somthing new on here, I didn't not know they had a original belly tank for the 656. I would love to see one. Of course I wpuld want that the most but I'm sure it wpuld take 10 years to find one and cost a ton. Figure costum one would be alot cheaper. If anyone got a pic of the small frame tractor belly tank please post it.
  16. I'm sure there are plenty of people here that would buy that thing off ya withing minutes of putting it up for sale.
  17. May look nice but if you seen the wiring you would say beater truck
  18. My vote goes to the dodge caravan. My dodge caravan has hauled engines , pulled balers , wagons , had many dead deer in it, went places it shouldn't have been , been used as a camper for hunting trips , and much more. Also only real men that women desire drive a minivan, the proof is you never see a single guy driving a minivan.
  19. This tractor is what dreams are made of, beautiful
  20. The bottom of the belly tank will be higher off the ground than the bottom of the drawbar support
  21. I like the idea of turning it into a tool box, I don't need to have extra gas being a small timer, just bale hay for 3 steers and yard stuff.
  22. A buddy of mine is there right now.
  23. Drew this up just for a rough estimate on how much it it will cost me. I think it wont cost much more than a k&m stem and handrail since that cost like 750 bucks nows jusy for that step
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