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  1. Have to look but it's got to be the right amount I would thing
  2. He dosnt have alot of tile, so it's for not making ruts in the spring and getting more floatation on soft ground
  3. My 2 year old bonnie loves the taste of raw meat and blood. I shot a rabbit the other day in the head and she took a big bite out of the exit wound , had to yell and stop her and she cried and said it was yummy. She also always trys to steel roasts as they thaw out
  4. After my 3 point wouldn't go down I was able to fix it by taking of the 3rd arm bracket and getting back the way it should,and of course I used it 1 time and it did it again, 3 point went up and stayed up. I never use draft control and never will, is there a way I can eliminate it without taking the tractor apart?
  5. So when my boy was 5 years old we always watched a hunting show called the hunting public and another called the hunting beast, he came up with the idea of videoing our hunts and calling it zeke outdoors, so we started making some 3 to 5 min long videos of when he would come on hunts with me, over time he got more and more into.it and we got better at making videos, not the best but fun for the family to watch. I put most the videos on YouTube and he ended up getting 270+ subscribers and like 16 videos. He was such a big fan of Dan infalt of the hunting beast aka the big buck serial killer that zeke sent him a zeke outdoors hat and you can see dan wearing it on his show once and a while. Zeke called in one time to the podcast before the echo and got to talk to Dan and 1 member of the hunting public and he was start struck. Since then zeke has talked to them many times on there podcast and talks back and forth with them on Facebook. All for a 7 year old kid. At first I thought it wpuld just be a fun cute thing to do but now it looks like some of these shows are saying once ya get better videos they will run them on there shows and help him get started. Such a cool thing for such a youngster to be so ambitious.
  6. The number 1 thing to remember when predator calling is they are better hunters than we are. If your sitting in a spot with your wind blowing to there direction your hunt is over before your start, also if you walk a path where you want them to run they will stop smell you and take off. So just like deer hunting play the wind and don't overdue the call, they will learn its fake if ypu play it to much. Best call I ever had was my own baby crying in my yard, coyotes were in the edge of the cornrows growling like a feeding frenzy, was scary.
  7. Thanks alot, got it fixed and blowed the snow already.
  8. Thank you alot, very helpful. I'm just glad I don't have to take the cab and cover off the top
  9. Well I just got done blowing the yard and the night before a nabor kid had his pickup get stuck put front then it burst Into flames, the next day I chaind his pickup to the snow blower and pulled it a few miles down the road, when I got to his place the 3 point would only go down like 5 inches or so then stop. What would be the problem and the fix, I'm guessing it's going to suck
  10. So when I moved to my farm there was an old flat roofed chicken shed that the roof burned down , half the concrete was tore out inside and there was a garden inside the walls, there was a water hydrant so it work pretty good. After we had to take our 140 year old barn down I put a roof on the block walls and made a barn, 1/3 was for animals and the rest for engines and tractors but that became a mess from chickens everywhere. I finally walled off the animal side so I can finally have a clean closed off spot to work on hit and miss engines and tractors
  11. Hunting alot, had covid a while, but been doing good. Also built a little shop in the barn and that kept me busy
  12. filany filled my tag with the bow last night just in time for zeke birthday. Sat in below zero with wind at pur face and a ground of 10 deer walked right to us. 20.yards facimg me with the bow
  13. Awsome, ya zeke sent a zeke outdoors hat to Dan infalt and we call in alot and talk to them guys on Facebook alot
  14. Worked hard for this one. Can see some videos of our hunts on zeke outdoors on YouTube it's my son's YouTube channel
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