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  1. Teaching zeke about safty with the handyman , blocking a tractor , and pry bars . Told h dont need help today just learn.
  2. Sounds like our kids could be best friends haha.
  3. Yes 11.2 36s they will be going down the dusty trail, pm me
  4. I was looking at this same radiator for my 544 the price is good. Wonder how it fits.
  5. No it's went to a consignment auction
  6. The tires are titan 12.4 36 and there replacing the 11.2s
  7. Zeke made a great deal on new 20 year old tires , still has nobbies on the tread, it will be pulling 3500lb class on mostly gravel tracks, seems like on them tracks and that weight the new tires do good since there not digging so deep and the track isn't beat up yet, hope they do well
  8. In the US the constitution and the right of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not political, its God given, but in Canada they do not have a constitution, and this is what happens when you don't have one
  9. Not allowed to remove the pto, rules are strict , stock average, must have the pto, and wheel weights only
  10. How many wheel weights will a steel wheel handle? I usually run 7 weights each side o. Higher classes
  11. Well if they are 500 or so the pair , plus I need a wheel weight on each side to get up to 6600 with me on , thats 800lbs then probably 140lbs add for the dual hubs . Looks like I need to hit the gym some more
  12. Diesel swap will cost more than just taking the gas to a good shop and have em make a bearing, or they will machine it to fit another bearing that exists already, then when it's apart re ring it and you have a fresh engine
  13. Anyone else know how much weight the wheel castings weigh? Still would like to know how much I need to do to get down 1000lbs
  14. It's got 16in rims right now, and I would use 16 38 steel rims to replace
  15. I am in the antique stock class so not much can be done, lots of rules ,
  16. I'm only allowed 1 size over stock, so 16.9 38 or 18.4 34 is all I can use
  17. Also a question is, for pulling what would work better, 18.4 34s ? Or keep these 16.9 38s but on steel?
  18. If I swap to dual hubs and steel wheels how much weight will I drop? Right now I'm at 6600 with me on it with 1 wheel weight on each side and I want to drop 1000lbs.
  19. I just got this from iron bull, look it up but there was a deal i cant remember through what but they would pay for like 70 percent of a rops sytem as part of some safty deal.
  20. Only thing I don't like is the number, they should have just called it the 66
  21. I'm wierd, I like to watch bobs burgers. And there's always king of the hill.
  22. With my 1456 diamond cab I look like I'm salsa dancing crawling into it swinging my hips around all the corners to get in
  23. Someone should make and adapter to put a fleece cheetah turbo on ih tractors , they whistle like a military deuce army truck and are a good upgrade. Nothing whistles like a fleece cheetah and you can buy em new
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