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  1. Got to hear lots of stories from him, the stories was worth the trip alone.but we didn't see any possums haha.
  2. I've always been a fan of Chris farley, Tommy boy is one of my favorite movies.all of the movies and snl skits with Chris are hilarious. Was a shame for him to die so young.
  3. Dan infalt of the hunting beast puts on a buck bedding and hunting workshop near his home in Wisconsin. Me and zeke have been big fans of the hunting beast, most of what I learned about hunting was from him. He also is part of the before the echo podcast that Josh taulker has. We drove to Wisconsin and met all the guys and had a fun day with them. Learned alot about hunting. Zeke acted like most kids act when they meat Santa when he hung out with all of them and they acted like they were more excited to meet zeke. They even gave zeke a pair of 140in shed antlers that they all signed.
  4. The seat I have is all new, there is whole new seats and arm rests avaliable
  5. I had one so I threw it on, also I like the back support, and it looks way nicer.
  6. Got both fenders mounted, i set them a littlef forward vs the original spot. Fenders are more centerd on the axle and look better i think. Mounted the 67 bendix fender radio. Just a few leaks , brakes , some odds and ends and it will be ready to paint, but that will be when it's warm out, I will do that myself.
  7. Hang on I will run it by the missis "Hey Emily can I paint the tractor titt" wife "NO you idiot " well I guess gold demo tribute it is
  8. I do have a purple car, it would match hahahaha, no I'm going to paint it egyption gold cause it's the color everyone wishes gold demos were
  9. I know a guy that has one he would sell me so that was already found before they sleeved mine
  10. I took an aftermarket wide front off and put a 666 ih wide front on I already had. And the 666 wide front is way nicer than the 544 so why wouldn't I do it. I also put larger 3 point arms and links on it cause I had them laying around, there nicer than the originals and are the same dimensions and are more abundant so I wpuld be dumb to spend extra money to make it not as nice just to make it look like it did at the dealer. To me original is how they were used on the farm not how they sat for sale. I remember how the tractors were around me in the field not sitting at the dealership and that's how I build mine. It's also going to be gold even tho ih never made a standard shift gold 544 but I always wanted one and am not going to pay crazy money for one when I'm just making a tractor that will be working all the time.
  11. I like things bolted on, never liked the look of the dealership bare bones tractor, everything around here has a rock box , tool boxes , steps, grease gun mount, and this will have all of that, will be used alot.
  12. Leave what original? Everything that was original on the tractor when I got it is still original, it had an aftermarket front end, an aftermarket seats , no fenders , and no 3 point.
  13. Well after a year at the shop my 544 is rebuilt, not to happy cause they sleeved it and put 291 sleeves and pistons instead of the 301 pistons, I wasn't told they did this and I could have found another block. So that was extra cost. The total bill was way over 2 times the quoted price so that was a kick in the pants but can't do anything about that now. Next step is getting brakes done, fix a few leaks and then it will paint , wiring and Finnish the thing up. Going to be perdy wich is funny cause it's so ugly now.
  14. No one in my family has even a flue shot, 100 percent zero jabs of any kind, we all got it before it his the news back in 2020, wife was 8 months pregnant so she went in to get a checkup and the doctor said we had that new thing going around. The 3rd time sucked for me, inflamed lungs, lots of coughing. Then after that was the same as before but just bad enough to be annoying and that's it, kids were fine every time, wofe never had it bad at all, I had it bad once but it wasn't life threatening in any way.
  15. He sent me this not to long ago, still at it
  16. I had it 5 times now, almost killed me 1 time, spose I should be good to go for a while
  17. Buy the 1456 wide front then resell it for more money to pay for a nice 666 wide front to put on it
  18. I would be wiping out the Buffalo and probably hunting injuns but it was a different time.
  19. Got to make some friends in Wisconsin anyway cause zeke is ready to go kill some deer and turkeys but stupid Minnesota won't let him till he is 10, that's so dumb. This year i want to take him to Wisconsin and try to get his first deer , with a bow at that
  20. Zeke got invited to go to a hunting workshop in Wisconsin put on by Dan infalt and josh taulker of the hunting beast and before the echo podcast. Will be fun. They take ya put in the woods and swamps and teach ya how bucks bed , how yo set up on em, all sorts of stuff like that. Wish I had this much to teach me when I was a kid, my dad didn't even hunt.
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