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  1. To see all of your tractors posing in a field at the right light would probably turn my brain to gravy then make me explode,
  2. Are them 14l 16s on them pics or 11l16s they look big, I like it, especially the diomond Goodyear's
  3. Love the matching set of older style tires , that looks like one of your better ones for condition
  4. Will you be putting original style castings or leaving these? Any special plans for the last 2 1456s
  5. Heck ya, and thanks French people for helping us in the revolutionary war
  6. Also nice to have a missis that helps what ya need it, mine helps all the time also, so many wifes wont even set foot in there husband's sheds
  7. As long as its apart you should throw long axles in it
  8. I'm pretty much a big timer I now have more than 1 cattle, I have 2 now, and a goat
  9. Can't wait to see it, most gold demos are boring , nothing on em, will be nice to see one set up with all the goodies, hardley ever see em with a belly tank, also would be sweet to see with duals on,
  10. Has there been any progress with your Goldie this winter?
  11. Dont see many as nice as yours for sale around mn for a price like that, usually 10k is with no weights, lights dont work, needs fluids changed, things like that,
  12. You should have machinery Pete out, would be fun to watch and I bet he would find some buyers for the 1066 and 1456
  13. Do you set the tires at 30" right down the center? My 14 is at the shop and he asked and I wondered if the fenders clear if they are, when fenders are on 2nd to inside notch, got Firestone 23s
  14. Do you have a 660 painted like a gold demo, I love the pic u have for your avatar, 

    1. 660 driver

      660 driver

      No sir. Somebody made that pic for me. Somebody from here and for the life of me i cannot remember who. 

    2. Rusty shackleford

      Rusty shackleford

      I have a 560 I will pull farm stock with and I considered painting it like that, ether that or make a 560 black stripe with red power decals and branding irons

    3. 660 driver

      660 driver

      Either would be sweet!

  15. Need a pic of all of em lined up where you can see each one
  16. Its stronger when the clamps are at an angle
  17. Love the pic of your kid working away on there
  18. Ya I know what you mean with cost of tires, I only have 3 diesel ih's and that's hard enough to complete, I got the duals from my 1456 on the hubs of my home made 1206 wheatland cause 23.1 34s are so expensive, got to pic and choose what I want dont cause it isnt getting done all at once
  19. With as many different 1456s you have I think it would be awsome if you had 1 with 23.1 34s with 14l 16s , I like the 18.4s with 11 16s the best but when ya got so many it would just change things up and make it so they dont blend together as much
  20. Is that lever to the left of the seat for the pto?
  21. Thanks that makes sence I have to repaint my 1456 on soon and it's only had 1 season of work, I was going to look into getting somthing better for paint, the Eastwood company has alot ow resto products
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