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  1. Don't look now mommas got her boobs out, Rodney carington
  2. I got everything off right before I looked at your post and realized how much I messed up, I didn't mark or measure what spline it was spose to go on, so I figure I got an hour of messing around trying to get it right
  3. Getting this ready for paint and it leaks like crazy, took it apart but want to know what I'm getting myself into and how to go about taking it apart and getting it fixed, any info apreactiated
  4. Well all the farmers can thank me in mn for the rain we are finally getting, it started to pour for the first time in months right after I started blasting.
  5. sprayed off, sandblasting comes next. I hate sand blasting
  6. The left boycots one of our songs and it goes to #1 the right boycots budlight they loose 30 billion
  7. I yell to him pull the ta as he is pulling sometimes to motivate him to push harder haha
  8. He has been doing very well this year at the pedal pulls but now can pull the garden tractor trailer around with this for exercise
  9. A guy I went to school with stopped over to barrow somthing, my son Zeke was talking about pedal pulling and mentioned he is getting big for his pedal tractor. The guy wlsaid I want to build him one and just started building. There's a car jack under the seat to adjust hight and it's strong enough to have an adult ride it.
  10. I will try to remember when I get home to measure
  11. I just had gout bad, it was torcher
  12. Figured if there's a mount for a light might as well put a light there. It was originally a fender delete but can't hurt having more lights
  13. Every working tractor needs a rock box. Got the digger hooked up for braking in the engine
  14. I bought a drone and Zeke in the pic is going to pull a 13 foot 3 point digger on sandy ground to break in the engine . Will make some great drone footage him doing that and flying along side
  15. Just picked this up the other day. 8hp associated, also known as the 8 mule team. It has 42.5in flywheels and a 26in clutch pulley, weighs around 3500lbs. My boy zeke has a 1 3/4 hp associated chore boy we are going to run a pump jack with. This engine will run my flywheel woof splitter.
  16. Have all the new lights ordered , a new steering wheel to go on yet, and a few odds and ends. Then paint.
  17. Just about ready to hook up to the 13ft 3 point digger to go out and brake the new engine in. This is the biggest looking littler tractor around haha.
  18. I'm not by the tractor now but I'm sure your right what your saying .
  19. The inside shims just affect how far out the housing is so it adjust the inside disc brakes, there is no bearing on that part just an o ring and seal
  20. I am going through my farmall 544s brakes and I notice it is shimmed, both sides didn't match for how many shims it has, could somone please explain how I should shim it? Each side has 2 spots that need swimming, inside and outside.
  21. On my 544 the canopy I want to put a headliner in it to reduce noise. The kits are like 200 bucks and just plain black. I wanted to find the raw material that is used for wester cab kits and just buy a role and cut it out to put under the canopy. If that's somthing that would work. I also thought about making a western cab interior for the 1456. Does anyone know where I can get just the non cut roles of the material?
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