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  1. I think if it's a tractor that could be used all day plowing and has mods that would have been done in the 60s and older then it should be ok for farmstock, funniest pulls for me to see or pull are the ones that have tractors that were just taken of the auger that day or the spreader and pulled then go strate back to work, there was a 560 last summer, rock box tool box, oily and covered in feed grinder dust and they to it strate to the pull, love it
  2. It's hard to not get responses on farmall m pullers that arnt, spend thousands and have crazy cubes and horsepower, I like what your doing, make a good runner and have fun, spending money dosnt make it fun in my opinion
  3. If you dont listen to this whole song and not feel your heart strings being pulled at, you not human haha Watch "My Heart Will Go On - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland" on YouTube https://youtu.be/X2WH8mHJnhM
  4. Baby bonnie, that's the name of the girl in the wifes tummy
  5. I love this one, bought my 560 from this guy.
  6. My dad when I would get hurt would say," your probably going to die" then I would say "no I'm not" the he would say" well i guess your ok then"
  7. O I didnt look close enough, 2 belly tanks, sweet
  8. Sweet, 2 quick hitches and a belly tank, I'm guessing the ICB cab will go on 1256 what about the belly tank?
  9. We need more pics of all of demonstr8r's collection. Also it's hard to keep up with what Brian long has at any given time, maybe some walking through your whole collection videos?
  10. I remember that 1456 for sale not far from where I live. I remember saying to the wife while making a pouty puppy dog face, pretty please can I buy another 1456 , she said no. Haha glad you go it though
  11. This was without the filters on my phone
  12. Look at how pretty it looks when you use filters on your phone to bring out color
  13. There was not much left of it, there is alot of tractors in mine to make it what it is
  14. This is mine, not an original wheatland, made it a wheatland with lots of parts runs,
  15. Nothing better than an original gold not repainted as was original, it's such a crime when people paint over original gold, you can never get that back
  16. That would look sweet with a goosneck and haul puller tractors on it
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