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  1. Christensen farms in sleepy eye has this, its a big time operation, elivator, feed ,hogs.
  2. this is Zeke looking at a city he just conquered
  3. I like to see them restored but done like original, and then used, nothing looks better than a tractor that looks like its 10 to 20 years old instaid of 100 years old, alot of restorations look better than new, i say make it look like it did on the farm being used
  4. what a gem, I love moguls, I just brought home a baby 1hp mogul engine,
  5. The pic of my boy sitting next to the Boulder is a candid pic of him spending time with his lost baby sister who is buried there. Sad and beautiful pic at the same time
  6. You should paint the rims black to resemble the all black cast wheels like original,
  7. There was a prototype 5488 powershift I think 3 of em that never became full tractors and was put aside because of the ih case buyout , so finish didnt get bought out this was going to he the next tractor made but they never got that far
  8. Watching this project is like an archeologist watching the dig of a super t rex being dug up
  9. I know a guy that put auger looking spiral inserts into his harley shovelhead amd it whistled like it had a turbo, loved it. I got the big black oval muffler on my 1456 and I drilled out the center separator with a hole saw so its strate through, sounds good, can still hear whistle
  10. It's always like waiting for the next episode of your favorite show when long farms or demonst8tor post somthing. Keep er coming. Still waiting for pics of all of demonstr8tor collection, biggest cliff hanger ever haha
  11. Theres this 1026, kinda sad. Not going to say who's it is tho
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