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  1. So this spring I got 2 turkey poults for the kids. We put them in a free baby pack and play in the house. We'll it's been 2 months now and the kids been doing so good with keeping the pen clean that they ended up practically being house pets. They sit on our laps, our shoulder's, love to be pet, follow us in the yard, come when called. 1 of them tho the hen my 4 year old picked up and brought to bed at night and suffocated it from snuggling so we down to 1. Turk the turkey haha.one of these days we got to train him to be an outside pet
  2. That's somthing to be proud of , congratulations
  3. Driving my 78 chevy till I have enough saved up for a replacement
  4. Loaded my van that was wrecked from the red power flood on the trailer for scrap iron
  5. Baught the headgasket for the 15-30 like 2 years ago and finally got to it so I can sell er.
  6. Vans engine is toaste. I thought the wife was going the gas station for supplies but she typed in Walmart and just went. 4 miles later she was stranded with a blown motor in water. A church helped us and got my boy his medication, what a blessing. Now a buddy is waiting to get me with a trailer. Also thank you sledgehammer for offering your camper
  7. Wife went to store to get medication for my boy with cerebral palsy and wrecked the van driving through water. Now she stuck on 1 side of town with my 1 girl and I'm here with 3 kids at the show. Fun fun
  8. If I have to camp I want to sleep under the gold 1456 wheatland
  9. Helicopters flying around now, heard they had to do some rescue for people who got trapped by flooding.
  10. Had to drive through water to get here but after I got in I got word that a flash flood now closed all roads leaving. They said might need to camp here. Any info from other members?
  11. I will be there tomorrow, anyone else going to he at the pedal pull?
  12. Got my own video up for me and zekes wyoming mule deer hunt and then the hunting beast put out a video with the hunt we did with them on there channel https://youtu.be/tetqvZNv7RA?si=Yj5L2EwDfjeHTn49
  13. It was awesome, seeing where dan hunts and how he hunts it really teaches ya how he gets so much success, what to look for , how to approach, set up, pick a tree. I told him that just for the learning and comradary was worth it on its own even if I didn't get the doe and the buck.
  14. Got invited out to Wisconsin to hunt with dan infalt the big buck serial killer. Had a great weekend, 3 bucks were shot w by a father and son and 1 I shot and my son finished it off so that buck is both of ours. That's 2 public land bucks 1 week apart from 2 different states I don't live in.
  15. Dan infalt from the hunting beast invited me and my boy zeke to hunt with them in Wisconsin this weekend, it will be on an episode of his show at the hunting beast. Should be a fun time
  16. It's a savage 6.5 creedmoor woth a vortex gen 1 razor scope
  17. When your scouting for deer beds and you find a field of flowers ya got to send a pic to the missis to get her going
  18. Got 2 tags filled, still have some for Wisconsin and Wyoming to fill.
  19. Just need fenders on , radio, some odds and ends and done. I'm going to make some 1/4in steel plates to go in between the fenders and rops so it supports em more and they dont wobble so bad, and also will make a plate to go under radio so that is more sturdy
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