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  1. The platform came with. He is going to do rubber , paint rear duals white front rims red , even tho I think it should be red duals, then polish the thing up and put a rock box on it
  2. Good call, it was a factory cab and fender delete and they added a cab right away when it was new yet
  3. He finaly dosnt have to hang his head when he sees my 1456,
  4. Just get em in close for doing stuf like stalk chopping and moving wagons and what not
  5. Buddy just bought this 2700 original hour 1466. Was bought new and the owner said if it wasn't working it was in the shed. Working ac , original interior looks like new yet, hydraulic seat. Even the leveling screws on the 3 point turn easy. Owner said they never used the pto ever and didn't do many acres. He wanted a 1466 for years but was holding out for this one. Will get tires and a polish and set to 30 in rows. Also 20.8 38s.
  6. Only thing I could see is they had 23 degree tires I had 45s and his wheels were spread out a little more
  7. Mine had the same hitch and clevis and the other super c
  8. I also took the weights of the front and added some on the rear before the pull
  9. So I pulled 2 times with the super c I got for Zekes first tractor, and talk about awful. The first pull"on gravel" I pulled 52 feet and spun out , then next tractor was another super c and he went 150+ feet. Tried it again on another gravel track, went 5 feet and spun out , I even was way throttled back to get it to not spin so much. After me another super c got 2nd place 100 and some odd feet. Had around 10psi in the tires . Any suggestions
  10. No it did not, only on the hydraulic seats but this style seat looks nicer and I like to be able to lean back more
  11. I really wanted to see it with the icb cab but I decided to go a different route since it is jus what will suit me best for what I use it for. This winter it's going in for a full rebuild woth new everything and paint this summer.looks like a big tractor for a little 544
  12. Zeke the pedal pulling champ has been at children's hospital for 5 days now. Rsv and pneumonia real bad. Saterday he seemed fine and then said "daddy you look farther away than u are" after hearing that I took him strate to the er. His oxygen was so low he had tunnel vision. He's been on oxygen now for 5 days. He's getting better but this type of thing can cause asthma in the future. He is having a hard time not being on the farm. He constantly says he wants fresh are and he missis the farm.
  13. Pretty much the most inspirational thing since Braveheart
  14. Butterfield threshing bee this month
  15. Of corse my boy is the redneck in the middle if you don't know
  16. Zeke has not done very well in pedal pulls, he was always frustrated and sad when he didn't get close to the other kids. The last month and a half he has been pedaling his 1256 pedal tractor up a hill on our farm and doing 50 to 100 squats every few days. He learned that hard work pays off. Today at farmfest he did a full pull, along with 10 others , then the 10 pulled again with more weight, zeke full pulled again, then the last 3 pulled again and zeke got 2nd place. He was shocked, nothing but smiles at our place tonight, this trophy means more than all mine put together
  17. They 560 got 1st in 6500 and 2nd in 7500, the super c was one of the first down the track and I hit a hard spot and spun out, other super c would go like 100 foot more after that. Now I know, the 560 grabs hard on hard ground, this not so much, always learning
  18. The pic with the dirty faces was after that attacked a mallberry tree
  19. I'm not legally a farmer, I have a few steers bale hay , and the rest is my dad's farm so I don't think I could qualify for that
  20. Will be getting sold. Not enough room, to many projects , not enough time with kids, want to get my farm paid off in a few years. Then when the kids are older I can get more projects that they can help me with
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