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  1. I'm waiting for someone to say" you can't tell me what to do "
  2. Expensive ones that had the box long gone so i got them 75 percent off
  3. My sister works at the local ih dealer as a parts girl, its pretty sweet. I will send a pic of somthing I'm working on and bam I get the part number and price right away, and if they have ot or can order it. It is very convenient. The other day there was a pile of lights with the boxes missing and was one clearance and I figured it was time. Got all the lights fornthe 1456 in led and Holy moly is it bright. Can't wait to see em in the field
  4. Praise God, they didn't expect him to do well
  5. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  6. I want the wizard friction drive, the r or l type for ih amd the webster
  7. Only 1 size over factory size. Also I've pulled in 2nd ta forward before and I got to throttle back at times cause it has plenty of power,
  8. And again on why I was going to put some fluid in, I am around 5900lbs with no weights on, I weigh 300lbs , so for 6500 I need to have weights on the wheels just to start, and for 6500 7500 and 8500 it's wheel weights only no suitcase weights aloud, thats why I wanted just around 400lbs total between the 2 tires of beetjuice just to get me to that 6500 starting weight so I can go from there. Your thoughts?
  9. In farmstock classes you are not aloud to uses weights that were not original to the tractor, so no suitcase weights aloud, then after I get done with the 8500lb farmstock class I throw on 1000lbs of suitcase weights and run hobby cause it actually pulls pretty good heavy amd slow and I beat alot of the fast guys who spin out right away by creeping slow past where they spun out
  10. I think i will leave these on this year and see how it goes, when I was talking about fluid I'm not talking about filling em up, just enough to get me to the right weight amd hang 1 less wheel weight on each side and make it so I don't need to fill the tool box full of chains to get to the 6500 bottom weight.
  11. 90 percent of the time I pull 1st gear only class, the engine on mine is 100 percent ih stock, has hight altitude pistons but they are ih amd no work has been don't to it . Won't be alot of fluid, mostly enough to make it so I can be at 6500 lbs without any weights on it so I don't have to hang all them weights on when I get to 9500lbs
  12. If he says no amendment is absolute, does he also say people of other races and genders might not have the right to vote ?
  13. I do have new tubes in the cracked tires I have on there, would they be trested with fluid and pull more with em or you guys not trust em? The tires I have acutely do really good just worried about the cracking
  14. One thing is I can't use radials in my class, also I was told by some less tread on older tires will outpull the new stuff, also worried about digging in and piling up in front of the pulling skid, so I'm welcome for info cause a farm tire won't pull on a track like it does in the field.
  15. Honest opinion, what does better the more angled tread like these in the pic or the 23 degree ones? Also skinny tread vrs thick? These tires in the pic is a good price so thought I would have them as an option but like I said I want somthing that does good and won't spend the money unless it's what I need. But also can't go to crazy with money.
  16. Just looked them up, i figered one of the most spendy ones would be the first suggestion haha.
  17. I have this 560, runs really strong has a 301 with domed pistons. I pull in hobby stock and 1st gear class, gravel and dirt tracks. i start at 6500lbs and go up to 9500lbs. I am going to put fluid in the rear tires but I don't like that idea with the cracking thats they have. What type of tire would work best for me?
  18. Will find out more later right now there is not much brain activity but we won't know till he is in the condition to be woken up, his heart also isn't contracting like it should
  19. All I know is he was pressure washing somtjimg at his bodyshop and there must have been a short some where so he got a shock when he grabbed somthing in 1 hand out the other. His parents was pulling up the second it happend and witnessed it. He would have been dead if they hadn't had don't cpr and called 911 so fast.
  20. A buddy of mine was electrocuted yesterday while pressure washing, his parents were just pulling up as it happend . One did cpr while other called 911. He was flown to hcmc in the twin cities and is undergoing a 24 hour eeg monitoring for brain activity. He has a wife and little girl.
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