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  1. I was the only stock tractor there plus had the factory hitch woth clevis, all the others had puller rings and smoked while idling but at least I didn't get last haha
  2. I was surprised, I didn't see 1 belly tank or 1 quick hitch
  3. No, we didn't stay long enough, the rain was kinda tuff on my boy George other than the rain we all had alot of fun
  4. Was nice meeting you. I would have talked more but had a litter full of kids soaking in the rain I had to tend to.
  5. Ya i don't really trust the sources for that info
  6. you mean the common cold but just a bad year for it but then they call all sickness that as well?
  7. Bill gates said through abortions and vaccines we can lower the earths population by 15 percent, sounds like them 2 things shouldn't be in the same group. My self and all my kids don't get any vaccines, we are fine
  8. when were you deployed and where were u stationed at? I was 05-07 stationed in camp adder but went all over, biop, tq, anaconda, taji, Scania
  9. Havnt wore a mask 1 time, havnt been told to wear one, the cops i know say they won't enforce the ridiculous rule, and its a fact the only thing a mask does is make you look stupid, lower your oxygen levels, make you breath in more bacteria l, and weeken your immune system, if you haven't figured out its 100percent political than your to far gone
  10. I will be there Saturday with the wife and 4 kids,
  11. Long farms making America great as usual
  12. I gave up on pants, its bibs or indecent exposure
  13. Its all about vurtue signaling and dumb people
  14. No your wrong and here is a video of al gore to prove it Watch "South Park man bear pig!" on YouTube https://youtu.be/h60KFYocdcQ
  15. I was the truck driver hauling them the mix, I won't complain about me job around em, but I also like to get out and help, hate sitting all day
  16. the real problem is manbearpig, he's half man half bear and half pig
  17. got the idea at work today to make a funny video of us working , or at least at work. I'm the big ogre that round house kicks the bottle off the guys head. Hope you enjoy Watch "Paving shenanigans" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Rq5xEkbXwAY
  18. people haven't realized this is a fake pandemic yet, looks like the deepstate is doing a good job at fooling people
  19. Grant Imahara died from a brain aneurysm, he was 49, mythbusters is one of my all time favorite shows, kids love it also
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