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    IH KB-6 Truck Parts

    I've got two late 40's International KB-6 ( best I know ) trucks that my late father had partially disassembled for potential refurbishment. I know there's a BUNCH of very usable parts that do NOT need to end up in some scrap metal yard!! I'm interested in moving some of these items, preferably in bulk, for decent prices. Location is in Swain County, NC and I"m not interested in shipping this stuff.....shipping would be really high anyhow. I've got frames, engines, trannies, rearends, cabs, fenders, hoods, bumpers, you name it. I would love to keep the truck sets together so someone could restore a complete truck. My email address is rdallen4321@frontier.com. Please put International KB parts in the title so I don't just delete the email. Thanks for your time!!