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  1. Thanks, I’ll take a look at the drive line again.
  2. I’ve got an 8315 Case IH disc mower that is giving me problems and I can’t seem to make it work. It pulling grass in behind the baskets or drums on the outer two disks and plugging up. Mostly the left side. Seems to be ok in lighter grass but you can’t go fifty feet in heavy grass. I’ve tried mowing with the left side out of the grass and I still does it. Tried opening and closing the conditioner rolls and didn’t really change it. Knives are new and disc’s looks good. Can’t see anything that is catching the grass. I’ve run this mower since new and have it do this a little before but not this bad. It has seen a lot of acres and I know things are worn. Anyone had problems like this before or have any idea?
  3. Yes the oil was hot when this happened.
  4. Found my problem. Blown 7.5 amp fuse. Not to proud of myself for not checking that sooner but nevertheless it’s back moving. Now to find the cause of the fuse popping.
  5. I’ve got an early model 5130 with about 14000 hrs on it. For quite a while now the clutch or clutch valve would not engage until the peddle was up all the way but it would always engage and not slip. The other day the tractor stopped moving while driving and the transmission light did not come on. This tractor has a power shift and that doesn’t seem to be working either. I checked the clutch cable and that is not broken. With the tractor running you can put the main gear shift in gear with out pushing the clutch in. Hydraulics and steering still work. Unfortunately I don’t have much information besides a parts book. Have the ability to check pressure but I’m not sure where to start. Any advice would be a help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Morrill

    66 series TA

    Thanks for all of the advice and for the pictures of the stands. Any suggestions on where to get a good service manual? I’d like to play around with some pulling in the future with the 966. Is there any upgrades I should be looking at?
  7. Morrill

    66 series TA

    I’ve got a 966 and a 766 both with TA issues. I do most of my own repair work but have never gotten into a TA repair or replacement. My limited understanding is there not bad to take out to get rebuilt but must be reinstalled correctly or it will be junk again. Is it something that can be done with a good service manual or are special tools required? I’m not afraid of it but I don’t want to get in over my head. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. I’m only getting about 40 psi before it kicks out. I talked with the service department today and there leaning towards a clutch pack problem.
  9. I’m getting power to all ofthe solenoids. I put pressure gauges on the valve body and 3rd gear is not building hardly any pressure before the gear you shift out of drops and the transmission kicks out. What would cause it to not make pressure on only 3rd gear?
  10. I swapped the switches also and the problem is still the same.
  11. I finally had a chance to bring my 5250 in the shop and check it out. I’ve got 5 flashes on the transmission light when I shift the power shift to third gear. I tested all the solenoids and got 7.5 ohms on each one. I swapped the complete solenoid and valve assembly with the one for 1st gear to see if the problem moved. Still have the same issue with 3rd gear. What exactly is an on coming switch failure?
  12. Third gear on my power shift quit working and I’m not sure where to start looking. When you shift to third the transmission will disengage and the yellow light on the left side of the dash comes on. ( I believe it’s the clutch disengaged light) If you use the clutch and shift the power shift to a different gear the transmission will re engage. 1 and 2 work as they should and 4th works as long as you use the clutch and skip 3rd. Sometimes you can get 3rd to work if you use the clutch when you shift it. Any suggestions on where I might start looking?
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