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  1. Hey Diesel Doc.  I gathered from your post on engine rebuilds and fuel pumps on a Hydro 84 that you may help with some suggestions on my Hydro 84.  My tractor will crank on the over fuel position then when the cable is pushed in after cranking, the engine dies.  If you leave the handle on over fuel for a while and the throttle at full throttle position the engine will eventually, in 5-10 minutes, rev to full RPM's and it sounds like it is cycling against the governor with a 100ish RPM cycle up and down.   The over fuel handle is pushed in and it will run at full throttle.  However when the tractor is asked to begin motion with the hydrostatic lever it lacks power.  It has trouble pulling up a simple grade with no attachments or load.  I will say that the tractor did sit for extended periods between running. (6 months) The problem seemed to crop up quickly.  It didn't seem to "grow" into the problem.  Any Ideas?  

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