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  1. I have someone working on it at the moment but with this virus around I would rather buy another one
  2. Hi all I'm looking for a brake valve block for my 1985 case 2094, the valve block that runs underneath the brake pedel there are 2 rods that go from the pedals to the valve block might be the same as a 2090 the piston rod is snapped off the one valve any help would be appreciated
  3. No metal in filter was a bit of sludge in the old filter due to condsation
  4. Hi all I need a bit of help I completely stripped my 2094 and rebuilt the gearbox on the first test drive everything worked 100% but after a bit the hydrolics filter light came on so I put new ones in and cleaned out the transmission filter screen reassembled it all went to move her and she was surging in gear then the filter light came back on again I have put new oil in the back end at the right grade and right level now if you put her in gear she is trying to move but won't move any ideas
  5. Can anyone help I am in need of a radiator for my case 2094 new or second hand I'm from the Midlands uk
  6. Now got my 2094 running and driving gearbox a success
  7. 7000 hours these tractors are getting quit rare now
  8. 7000 hours on the clock and use a product call lechler techngrip semi gloss will self etch to anything zink inriched
  9. Well my case 2094 is coming on well now gearbox completely rebuilt, stripped the cab and doing a bit of fabrication work on the rear end. Soon have the oil in her and running then it's time to refurb the rest of the front end.
  10. Hi all my case 2094 4 wheel drive is coming on now after a gearbox rebuild. The biggest problem is getting the parts mainly from the states, crown wheel and pinion 4th gear and a couple of other gears and a load of new bearings, **** I'm now getting an expert at this job, hopefully she will be back together soon.
  11. Hi all my first post can anyone out there help me I've got a 1985 case 2094 I bought it with a gearbox issue wouldn't go into gear but runs fine after stripping her down I found out the centre main gearbox bearing has dissapered well here's a update thanks for everyone's help I have now secured all of the parts via Worthington tractors sd they are being air freighted over as we speak let the rebuild begin as I'm aware there aren't many of these MFD models around
  12. I'm sure I did but will check thanks
  13. Well guys gearbox stripped down now still looking for a pinion and a couple of gears
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