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  1. Holy Cow! A "Tractor Ancestry . com" at my fingertips! Awesome! I'll chat with the previous owners with respect to the local dealer etc. to see what other history I can find. If it wasn't obvious, I am a complete Tractor Virgin. This is my first... never driven or owned one, learning fast as we go, and excited by the ride! (see photo). Caption: My Partner on the B-414 (aka Steely Dan) turning our new vegetable garden... Hard not to be happy! As a "Newbie" member on here, I want to thank you guys for the responses, what a valuable resource, sad to have not found it sooner. ?SD
  2. Thanks to everyone who responded to my issue! Re-polarizing the generator to the battery did the trick to get it back into the barn and out of the elements... Now the rest of the re-wiring can be done properly. I have been doing a lot more research and it is paying off. In response to Gorge 2; the tractor serial number is 2265, and the engine is BC-144 3267 Thanks for asking because it finally made me actually READ the serial plate... duh! See photo. She was made in England!!! Now I'm turned into a whole different direction to learn more about the history of my tractor. How did it get here from there? Where it was purchased? How many came across the pond? How many are still in use or even alive???? Interesting stuff. I'll start researching this website as there seems to be quite a large group of well informed tractor gods that I need to sponge up to... Thanks again! Shane
  3. Thanks 560 Dennis, So Battery orientation is optional, my problem must be in the ignition circuit... tonight's job... snow coming tmr... thx.
  4. A 1963 IH B-414 (Gas) was left on the property we purchased a few years ago and it is the main source of snow clearing the 1/4 mile driveway in the winter. I have been running it every winter & summer since and repairing items as they tend to let go or need replacement. So far it has all been mechanical items such as the fuel filter/fuel pump/oil changes etc..; UNTIL... she just up and died on me last snowfall. Not just died, but lost all power as if you unplugged a vacuum cleaner. So, I got into the electrical system troubleshooting and repairs... I took care of some ugly wiring connections and cleaned up what I could; re-wired the start switch; new distributor/plugs/wires; was able to follow the power from the battery to the solenoid to the switch and have power there. New switch works fine on the ACC, ON and Start. She cranks but will not run. My next big step is to go through the "RUN" circuit and find out what's giving me grief. In my research to troubleshoot this electrical problem, I have discovered that the original electrical set-up was a positive ground system! WHAT?? Never heard of it... Then more research to find out a couple of basic things: -Pos-ground has the "+" terminal grounded to the frame/engine. Uses a generator and a voltage regulator. -Neg-ground has the "-" terminal grounded and uses an alternator. Well, in my case, I have a neg-ground battery with a generator and a voltage regulator.... This is the beginning of my confusion... Also, when I first installed the battery 5 years ago, I put it in with the "-" post to ground. (didn't know anything else...) AND it worked just fine for the last 5 years!!! With this latest breakdown, my philosophy was to systematically go through the wiring and repair/replace as needed until she was going again. Unfortunately, even with the original operating manual and shop manual this pos/neg grounding has got me turned upside down not knowing which way to go. Any enlightenment on the theory and differences between the systems would be a great help! Or if someone must have modified the wiring, changed polarities in the generator??? How did it work to date? Thanks in advance for your shared knowledge. p.s. yes, we do get snow here in Canada... Shane
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