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  1. It has 10.00 16 now, planning to step to 11.00 16. I had never heard of the 12.50 16, that might be it. Large diameter has to be less rolling resistance
  2. What’s the biggest flotation implement type tire you can reasonably put on a 16x8 wheel?
  3. Ok, thanks! I also failed to mention this is a baler connection type rake. I’ll be pulling a Deere 469 behind the rake, so PTO running, hydraulic motors, and tailgate on the baler. I was just worried my oil might get hot. Often times baling 8-9 hours at a time.
  4. Getting a Vermeer 2300 hydraulic driven hay rake. I have heard you should plum the return line to the sump instead of the remote. Should I do this? If so where should I tap into it? Thanks
  5. Followed y’all’s instructions and it works perfect now! Thanks again! I assume the hose clamp is the culprit for the standpipe sliding down, getting loose over the last 25 years. Or is this likely to be a reoccurring problem now?
  6. Ok I’ll check it out, thanks!
  7. Hopped on my 5230 today and both brake pedals go to the floor. They were working perfectly yesterday. No sign of a new leak, although the tractor has several so it could be hidden. Hydraulic fluid is in the middle of the range. Any ideas?
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