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  1. I know, I need a manual bad! They are just pricey, I’ve had one in my eBay cart for a while now! It does have the rear controls, and everything was working perfect till this. I’ll get the manual, and just chain up the hitch in the meantime. Thanks for the input!
  2. I need some help! Tractor is a power shift with 6500 hrs. About 100 hrs ago the 3 point went all the way up, and wouldn’t move. I figured it was the load/position knob, nope. Finally bumped remote valve 3 and the hitch started working fine. Now I’m running my 2 point conditioner with it, and the problem is getting worse. Had hitch set about halfway, cutting a field. I look back and it’s all the way up! I stop then it goes down. Yesterday it went down and wouldn’t come back up. Aggravating to say the least! How do I fix it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Awesome! That’s exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I was thinking it must be something along those lines. I am hunting eBay for a service manual, but haven’t found a good deal yet. Will this repair just be installing test gauges, and adjustment of pressure screws?
  5. Hello all! New to the forum, I was referred here from a member on Haytalk. I run a small hay business, small squares and rounds. Mostly my ground with a little custom work. I bought a 5230 in the spring of ‘18. 6000 hrs, powershift, 2wd, cab, loader (but very little time on tractor), original owner (estate sale) no major mechanical work ever performed. I put around 500 hrs on it last year, working ground, cutting and baling. Love the tractor overall, very solid! A couple times when running my moco the pto would kick out of gear when making a hard turn. This only happens occasionally and when steering hits full lock left or right. The pto lever will slam back to neutral, I would just quickly put her back in gear and continue on. Seems like a spike in hydraulic pressure causing it?? Any thoughts? Y’alls input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, JD
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