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  1. Read it twice the first time and admit to misreading. Asking between crank and flywheel. Answer is still the same. No gasket. Sealer needed on bolts.
  2. Have no idea what parts you want a gasket for. Seal presses into block and main bearing cap. No gasket involved. Do need thread sealer on flywheel bolts.
  3. Bearing I was really thinking of was axle.
  4. I will try to rewrite my hard drive to remember 4 way plug but don't count on it
  5. I'm going to interpret groove as a flat. That is to provide a constant flow through valve to keep reservoir full. That was usually the left side. Should not make any difference though. Pedal should be adjusted to just touch platform.
  6. Next question. Are you sure it's the brake dragging? Cover getting warm? Or do you have a bearing out?
  7. Oil coming out bleeder is OK. Pressure is not.
  8. Tells me points are closed. That's why I want readings with points open and closed
  9. Should be a six way plug behind left dash where light wires join (I think it's six).
  10. If you use regulator as a Regulator. Yes. If you use only the cutout and wire as diagramed above. No. Get your tester on the right terminal and let us know what you have at coil and distributor with points open and again points closed.
  11. My wife told me vegetable oil will turn rancid. Made me use mineral oil. Me I know nothing.
  12. Believe that to be a field resistor. Should mount to Regulator field terminal and have a flag to connect generator field wire. To have power both sides of points. Means either breaker plate or distributor are not grounded. The coil has to be grounded somewhere in order to get warm. Yet power on both sides it can't be. Got your test light or voltmeter on the wrong terminal again? Distributor can be installed and timed correctly with the terminal almost anywhere. Even out of time will not affect its ability to spark.
  13. Switch nozzles and see if temp follows nozzle. My thought is nozzle valve is leaking.
  14. I'm having memory problems but I do not remember ever pulling an IH pto for brakes. Always while down for something else. As others said throttle down before shutoff and don't worry. Starting up is harder on clutches than shutting down is on brakes.
  15. Actually I would make them by spinning but a square piece with the 4 corners bent up would work. Exhaust springs need them more.
  16. I'm sure the engine would run fine without them. Probably a durability issue though. I would think readily available at a salvage yard. Personally I would just make a couple.
  17. Shuttle valve in motor can fail. Can be serviced with motor in machine. If ignored will take out pump and motor. Case drain filters give a good indication of what's failing.
  18. Concentrated on question. Not enough on symptoms. I'm thinking fuel supply or plugs to hot. Or cold (fouled).
  19. A nod to FD. Anytime I had one of those apart. It was outside with acetylene torch. As soon as you had enough heat. Depress the oxygen lever and stand clear of the smoke.
  20. Assembled correctly counter clockwise would be straight up which would make the manifold hot. If your butterfly is on wrong side of stop as I suspect. Clockwise would put it straight up again making manifold hot. Counter clockwise. Weight forward but not fully down. Leaves manifold partially closed. Not warm enough in cold weather. To hot in warm.
  21. This could be me wrong again but neither. Down and back closes off the heat box and let's exhaust straight out the pipe. Straight up closes manifold and directs exhaust through heat box first. Yours is misassembled.
  22. Well geez you said the POWER steering didn't work. If you have no steering. Either the front spindles are froze or the steering box is jammed up.
  23. Took closer look at picture. Appears that supply to steering is coming from regulator block. Means flow divider and steering relief in regulator. At this point. With loader and backhoe I can't be certain how the plumbing is routed. What I'm getting to is if the hydraulics are working and steering isn't. Deadheading a downstream valve and having steering as long as valve deadheaded. Indicates worn flow divider. Which pto is dependent on which gears are in front. Serial number should indicate. Either will fit but speed will be off. I'm not usually on this board but you can tag, quote or pm if you think I can help.
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