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  1. Wrong. Unless you are going to update from pin and block to tie rod end.
  2. Actually right on both counts. The red and the unmarked are lines connected to fitting. The yellow is the fitting plugged into another fitting.
  3. Trunions are in the middle of the cylinder with pin and block. Trunions are closer to threaded end with tie rod end. The only differences in cylinders. Rods and pistons are the same.
  4. It was my chuckle for tonight. Too good to spoil with a smilely face. I understand your concern. Sorry I don't have a real solution.
  5. snoshoe

    Joe t

    Sounds like a pretty massive leak. Scavenger pump or valve area. There is a packing on primary pump shaft. A bearing housing gasket on said pump. Thinking there is a special tool involved in scavenging valve removal. Don't remember it or how it leaks. Primary pump should come out by removing lines and two bolts. Plugging charge pump and one scavenge port and applying pressure to the remaining. Should reveal leak.
  6. My first thought was that I wouldn't use the infested tarp. Then I thought seal the tarp tight so they can't get out and light the pile.
  7. Axle brackets I'm guessing for standard drawbar.
  8. The others have already covered what else I had to say. I'll add that if safeties are not tripping. It's more likely capacitor or resistance problem.
  9. Does it start slow? Does it get warm? How about the arbor bearings?
  10. Was my first thought but won't prevent rod from pulling in. Would stop full extention.
  11. You get that dimension by moving bottom pivot point and is that with arms level? Good luck.
  12. I think those pistons are shrunk on. They can be pushed back but will not be as tight as they were.
  13. Listing I found cat 1 32-5/8" cat 2 35-7/8"
  14. Would you be mixing cat 1 and cat 2 measurements?
  15. For me it would have to be an on demand heater. Cut my expenses by a factor of 10.
  16. Possible piston has moved on shaft.
  17. If I had it I'd put it to work on black walnuts.
  18. Yes articulated front and rear axles travel same distance. On these front axle has to travel further.
  19. Purpose of oil switch is to keep hourmeter from running unless engine is running. Later data centers use rpm sensor to do that job.
  20. Turn lights off when starting. You are limiting voltage to pull in winding in starter solenoid. Will cause trouble if you make a practice of it.
  21. Sounds like problem is indeed alternator.
  22. The problem with 1256 regardless of alternator fitted is that the wire from alternator battery terminal to starter battery terminal has no connection. Not knowing alternator fitted to 495. I do not know if alternator is faulty or if exciting or sensing voltage is missing.
  23. Think you have it. Pokes em out on one side. Seats them on the other.
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