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  1. Are you serious about this tractor he said needs engine
  2. Near devils Lake Nd needs engine work
  3. Dels1566

    1566 shifter help

    No offense there wiper snapper I’m a 53 year old child ask my wife
  4. Dels1566

    Stupid question

    Why is there little discussion of 1566 especially the 1976 version?
  5. Dels1566

    1566 shifter help

    Ok gentlemen first off thanks for the direction you sent me in as far as the IH page and all it was is the roll pin snapped however a word to the other newbys don’t tear down more than you have to find a ol timer and buddy up thanks for the help again
  6. Dels1566

    1566 shifter help

    My 76 1566 it’s a linkage issue some where behind the “dash” mine is a linkage system rather than cables etc anyone have any exploded views or service info the sooner the better we still have snow to plow and horses to feed
  7. Dels1566

    Cab model info tag

    On my cab on the "on" side there's a metal tag with numbers engraved on it can anyone tell me what is what the line description is worn off
  8. Dels1566

    Part id

    Facing the tractor it’s on the right sorry picture is tough I’m working away from the house before dawn and after dark
  9. Dels1566

    Part id

    On my 1566 on right hand side straight behind the step is a solenoid / sensor for ?????? Asking because it was unplugged is there a reason you would unplug it??
  10. Here’s one I know of for sale
  11. Dels1566

    Newby 1566

    Thanks guys for the encouragement and compliments on the tractor . And off to work we go starting the restoration
  12. Dels1566

    Newby 1566

    How many were produced in 76
  13. Dels1566

    Newby 1566

    BB thank you sir. CHITECH no sir it didn't help as my tractor was a 76 model and I seen nothing there dealing with that vintage sorry a newby at this I guess its like foreign to me
  14. Dels1566

    Newby 1566

    First question I guess is serial number from what I have read elsewhere 1976 was the last year for 1566 production so does anyone know the last serial number issued to th 1566 series just wondering how close "Bessie" is..?