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  1. Thank you for info on them, Last few weeks I did a lot of online searching and I couldn't find out much about them, so that let me to believe they are some what rare? I know tractor data states around 2000 made but not clear if that is each model or ? because it list same serial # and # made for T-5 and TD-5 . from what I under stand the serial numbers and how many where actually made is unknown due to there in no paper work from IH with what was made last few years of production "lost". I under stand lot of the T-5's went to farm in Australia and other countries . I was aware they where made by IH Canada's division so I would guess there is still few survivors up there. I attended lot of shows and never seen any of them on display so would love to take my TD-5 its a 68 gauge 5 roller track with all options available. TD-5 was most popular model followed by T-5 then harder to find T-4 machines. " please some one with more knowledge correct if wrong " when I bought the crawler previous owner gave me the original operators Manual and injector pump manual for it, if any of these would help you at any time I can send copies. do you have any pictures you can post of your crawlers? enjoy looking at others .. I wish I was closer to bloomsburg, I am not sure if I want to drag it 4.5 hours out there...
  2. Gordon 76 is your T5 narrow or wide gauge track? what all options does it have hydraulics, 3 point hitch , front blade ? don't see many around... do you know much about the td and t 5 history ??
  3. Hello, Just picked up a barn find TD-5 crawler wide gauge with factory pippin blade 3 point hitch / hydraulics / and drawbar. Crawler sat in a barn for many years until I stumbled apron it . with little work had it running like a top, machine has good under carriage " which I did read parts are hard to find". just wanted to see if there is many of these still around ? where most of them sent to Australia? with the options I listed where most of TD-5's equipped this way? I plan on attending the local steam and equipment shows, so I would like to know as much about them , I haven't ever seen one in my area before . South Western PA ,, This year's 2019 Red Round up is a few hours away in Bloomsburg PA and they are featuring this era 60 series .. sure would be nice to make the trip with it ....
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