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  1. Big deal made about this and rightfully so. If the fraud in the unemployment/welfare system was investigated the figures would be staggering, media wont report on that though🤫. And no this isnt meant to be political, just factual.
  2. Grandpas melt with little grand daughter smile, dont ya know.
  3. Michigan is getting dumber with every election cycle, also. Unfortunately we are all aware. It still make me feel smarter at the end of the day knowing i am not the dumbest person out there.
  4. I find it refreshing to hear about California Md all the new rules. Every time they make a new restriction or ruling, i feel smarter and smarter. What a bunch of a** clowns.
  5. Telehandler on the top end, loader on the bottom. If you just lift the top and try to tip it up, the legs will likely bend. We took out some bolts and bolted angle irons to a bigger bin than that, put holes in the angle iron to put a clevis on and hooked up with chains and lifted. We bolted the angle irons to the top ring just below the roof.
  6. We had our motor grenade last fall on the 1480 and did the same thing. We had to pull the pump and motor and had them rebuilt as a set. We pulled the tranny and flush it also as it had shavings from the motor in it.
  7. Our mechanic says fleet gaurd filters create a lot of problems with Cat engines. He says only Napa, Cat or Wix filters on Cat engines.
  8. We are harvesting drybeans right now and habe 2 other projects in the shop to work on at night. That wont be prioritized until next week, i will get back to you then, thanks.
  9. Never know it might be "my autonomous tractor left me and took my plow with it"
  10. We run a 1220 8r30" with an old 800 cyclo Pto pump. I would think you will be fine. Just a side note, we have that pump maxed out to get the job done.
  11. We put a used oil cooler on the 826 5 years ago at overhaul time. Now i have oil in the antifreeze and i am pretty sure it is the cooler. The part number is 279212R92. I have called around trying to find one, used isnt too bad at $250, but that could be 50 years old. New is close to $1k. I am wondering if anybody rebuilds these or isf they are throw away. This is not the same cooler that the 400 series uses its quite different.
  12. We have had gear lube in final drives since we bought them, only had to touch two of them so far. Parts 1460 and operational 1460 have around 5k hours, 1480 approaching 9k.
  13. We had an A&i spindle snap off clean. The alloy was just cheap crap, clean break with discoloration throughout. No more A&I here.
  14. I dont know for sure, but i would be thinking a relief valve stuck or something?
  15. Local guy that we buy Deka from stocks 800 batteries and has about 50 on his truck all the time. He rebuilds staters and sells new starters and altenators. Says he doesnt want to deal with replacing cheap batteries all the time, that why he has Deka.
  16. We have used Deka for 15 years, just changed them out of the 1586, were 8 years old, not joking i was a little disappointed, usually get an easy 10 out of them.
  17. That fisherman has lots of fans for his tv show.
  18. You wouldnt believe the carnage i have pulled out of boxes. We are an appliance dealer, most of the damage is on new product, but parts and such arent exempt. We have had product that customers have been waiting for, for 6 months or better, finally show up unusable and have to be scrapped because of lack of care handling. I almost wonder if there is a makeshift shuffleboard where they slide appliances around with forklifts.🥴
  19. With as much productc damaged in shipment that we have seen lately, i totally believe it. He likely is a forklift operator.
  20. I would love to see duals on those hubs😉
  21. Not funny, but still stinking hilarious. 🤣We have a 5 year old that would do the exact same thing. After seeing this the paint cans all will go a shelf higher in the shed😉
  22. Local guy had a quote from a landscaper to repair asphalt section that was torn out for other reasons. Quote was $8k and measurement was done with google maps. Got a second quote with actual measurements, under $2k. Measurement tools arent terribly accurate.
  23. I dont know how often, but our remodel was started in May 2017 and on the maps its still the old house. I wonder if the tax man would believe google maps and put my taxes back to what they were🤔
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