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  1. We had a vibration problem in our 1586 we could figure out. The engine had blowby, needing an overhaul, found an injector not opening properly and ended up ruining one wrist pin and connecting rod. Good luck with your, I would overhaul and know what you have when you are done.
  2. We have ran a 400, 800 1200 and 1220. The 400 row units were too light and holding depth in sand was a problem. The 800 was very good on depth and while the spacing wasn't perfect, there weren't doubles or skips but not perfect spacing. We updated to the 1220 and while the spacing is picket fence, the yields didn't really improve. Both had great depth control. With the 800 we planted around 4 mph, with the 1220 we planted 5 mph. The 1200 is a toolbar planter 11 row 20" for soybeans and drybeans. We have planted 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 mph side by side by side. We found no difference in spacing, emergence or yield. We usually run that between 5 and 6 depending on conditions.
  3. I agree on all fronts of what you said, if you can't quote a job within 10% you are either new or crooked. There are jobs that get out of hand in every line of work, but a conversation with the customer is necessary in that situation. Parts pricing, availability and reliability sucks but that is nothing new or there would have never been aftermarket parts.
  4. We were planting yesterday with the 966 when all of a sudden it is stuck in high range. Drove across the headland in high and went to pull into place to plant and it is in high and won't come out. Shifter moves like normal, the roll pin at the bottom of the pedestal is good and the linkage moves on the top of the transmission cover. We have figured out that it is something in the range transmission or under the top cover. We have pulled that cover before, but it's been a while. Wondering if there is something holding a shifting fork or something like that that may have let go. It will drive just fine in high, no noises or anything. In fact I planting 20 more acres in 1st high t/a instead of 4 low d/d and it was just fine, just had to plan ahead as I had no reverse with it stuck in high. Any help would be appreciated, just want ot know what to look for before tearing into it.
  5. He is taunting you, I think I can hear nanner, nanner, nanner.πŸ˜†
  6. I saw a shower head held together with a zip tie today and got me thinking about how many more "creative" uses there are for zip ties. Let's hear them.
  7. I dare you to put a "Freezer Beef for Sale" sign by your mailbox. Maybe even a "free sample for vegetarians" on it also. πŸ˜‰
  8. Trail cams are cheap surveillance if it continues.
  9. Thanks for the answer, I might try the c on the rake this summer
  10. A swat up the back of the head was pretty useful when I was growing up and cheap to give, not so.much to receive.πŸ˜‰
  11. Sadly yours and my tax dollars paid for the unused chair and the idiot to put the signs on it.πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  12. I like your idea, simple and highly effective. Have you had trouble with it lifting things like a V rake or similar? Just curious, I would love to do more with our antiques but the hydraulics limit us so much that I cant use them as much as I want to.
  13. I am not insulting you, but I have had lots of people tell me how to improve my business. In the 20+ years i have been in business, i have had many suggestions for improvement, most weren't bad ideas either. Problem is there is no time for most of it. I have a 60+ hour week already ( a lot that are over 80 ), adding more time results in burnout and crankiness. Ironically those complaining always know how to run a business but never own one. I have bought from Eric, very pleasant and personable, it is also rare to talk to the owner and that gets my respect that he takes the time to answer the phone when there is a problem. Lastly websites can be a real pain to update, maintain and keep secure, much less pricey. Before bad mouthing someone, please walk a mile in their shoes. Simple fixes aren't always simple, on a website and an old tractor.
  14. X2, surplus center has them reasonable.
  15. Our M and 400 will not raise our 10 wheel H & S v rake, jsyk.
  16. Not sure on the air purifiers, but our house gets dry throughout the winter. I have a whole house humidifier to maintain the moisture levels, but when the stuffy noses start upstairs in the kids bedrooms, we use a diffuser and some peppermint, thieves and lemon oils. I am not a fan of using that stuff all the time, but when needed it seems to relax the airway, especially a hacking cough and let them sleep.
  17. A little more background on the rolled tractor and the after math carnage, please?😳
  18. I respect everything you said and agree with it all but I have had a few "pucker" moments in the 650k miles I have put on extended cargo vans and the last thing I would want one for is my family. I am biased because I work with one everyday and the last thing I want to drive on the weekend after a 700 mile week is a family version of my work truck. The side walls dont impress me much for structural strength. I am not trying to be a know it all debbie downer type, just saying what my experience has taught me. I will say the body on frame Econoline I used to have was tougher than my unibody Transit. A mini bus has thicker side walls that are more structural than a passenger van. Again, i know nothing of the GM Van's, best of luck in your decision.
  19. The only concern I would have would be safety. I know nothing about them, but i would question if it has side curtain air bags and such. I personally look at handling and safety in the family vehicle before I look at price, within reason of course. If something happened to my wife or kids and I skimped on safety because it cost a little more, i wouldnt be able to live with myself. Again I know nothing about those vans.
  20. I cant imagine it being that dry, we haven't had concern about wild fires here in many years. Hoping and praying for the best for all of you.
  21. "When I was young we had to" has always been rough on the "young people". I agree with the points made by everybody. Hard work and long hours, it is what makes a man, I wont negotiate that with anybody. Gain without sacrifice is a gift that is not appreciated. I was over 70 and sometimes over 90 hours a week from April 2020 to February of 2022, it SUCKED. I am back to my normal 60 minimum, it's like a vacation. That's sadly embarrassing, I wish I could do things differently to spend more time with the family, but my situation doesnt allow it right now. I do my best with what I have and, being self employed, take my kids with me on service calls and in the tractor. The current younger generation is a PITA, but it is their upbringing of entitlement and giving them everything with no sacrifice. A dollar means nothing if it isnt earned. It is our job to teach it, some will learn and some of it will fall on deaf ears, even Jesus got ignored, but he kept trying, it's our duty. The ones that listen and figure it out will stand out in the crowd, they will teach the next and so on. I think there is a balance, enjoying work and enjoying family, but there isnt a mold for us to follow, you need to figure it out yourself and know that it's the best you know how. I am trying to take the time to teach my kids how and why when they are working with me, not "do it this way because I said so". That is the one thing that the long hours can reward our family with, the ability to learn while we work and not just work. We work hard, we play hard. Cant have one without the other. All one or all the other isnt a win either way.
  22. That's gotta be somewhat rare, not?
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