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  1. We used a chain fall, hung from an ash 4x4 across 2 rafters of the shed, worked great with the side panels off.
  2. As far as I know Jim is right on all of that and there is a liability issue, which is why you need to be part of a tractor club. The tractor club is covering the liability for its members. Dont know that first hand, but that is what I am told.
  3. 1.6 miles, there is a 40 acre area at a gravel pit that everyone is staged at.
  4. For the most part, it has to run. It needs to go at least 10 mph. You need to have a toe rope for every couple of tractors just in case one quits, chains aren't allow as they could get caught in the bridge grating. You need a fire extinguisher. Other than that, no worries.
  5. First time for my brothers, second for me, third time for my dad and at least fourth for my sisters crew. Amazing thing to do.
  6. It is an awesome feeling to do something like that with my dad, two brothers and one sister and their families
  7. The bridge crossing was supposedly capped at 1500 tractors. We had 4 of them.
  8. Just had the same type of issues with a C, the ground wire looked and felt tight, but was just loose enough to have corrosion under it. Cleaned it and a lot of problems went away.
  9. "Gentlemen start your tractors" is a very cool moment. As is the haze of 1200 old tractors fire up and pollute the air.
  10. Got 4 tractors ready to go, BIL has 5 I think, gonna be a good time. Only was there in 2019 and been waiting to go back.
  11. A little side note, the 1480 has somewhere around 8600 hrs, it all depends on previous owners care.
  12. We have a run a 1460 since '98, orignal is parts onto the second one now and added a 1480 a while back. Have run 80 bushel says through the 1460 and 200+ bushel corn though it with 20' 1020 and 8 row 883. Always run out of capacity before power. Clean grain elevator doesnt like 240 bu corn at a reasonable fast speed. Ground is mostly flat here, but never run out of power, specialty rotor was a big improvement esp. in tough conditions. After getting the 1480, I would settle for less than the biggest in the series, never enough time it seems, bigger capacity is more done in the day.
  13. When I shift range on the rotor, I put a hand on the straw chopper or beater pulley and rock it so it can mesh the gears in the gearbox. Never have problems with it not going into gear anymore. Good luck
  14. We run a 1037 stack wagon with.our 966, I like the tractor for the job, but the 830 case on the other one is much handier with the foot throttle. I think adding a foot throttle to the 966 would be super handy for freeing up a hand for stacker controls and might even keep us from riding the clutch a little bit.
  15. Anyone have a pic of this kit installed? I am curious how well it will work with a year around cab.
  16. Make sure the hydraulic remotes aren't accidentally locked in. Our industrial loader had a remote that locked down and no one noticed it, dads hearing isnt the best, so he didnt hear it dead heading. Starts really hard like that.
  17. Yep, we remove our for wheat and corn, we bale our wheat straw and dont want it too fine. It only goes in for drybeans and soys.
  18. We have a 1460 and 1480 with straw choppers. I have more than once sharpened the straw chopper rotary knives with an angle grinder and have replace the stationary knife blades. The sharper all of it is, the easier it drives and the better job it does. Lots of people dont realize there is a stationary knife bar the is removable that has to be there for the chopper to size the straw as it passes through. It sounds to me like you dont have a stationary knife. Hope that answers the question.
  19. Our 966 started doing that once in a while, the next spring I was spraying and throttled up, she went to 3000+ rpms, the injection pump came off and got rebuilt. It has been starting and running perfectly since, I think it had around 7500 hrs on the original pump.
  20. Our '74 Transtar II has the Eagle package and power passenger window. I have no idea what a Super Eagle package is.
  21. My exact thought was whiskey, tango, foxtrot
  22. JaredT

    Engine Bearings

    I have seen state of the art machine shops, paint booths, side swing forklifts and paved driveways next to a house with no electricity. They do some amazing work also, happy they found a way to make it work with their rules because they are quite the craftsmen.
  23. JaredT

    Caseih 6650

    We are currently looking to purchase a 6650 soil saver or Glencoe ss7400 11 or 13 shank soil saver. I looked at one today and it has had major surgery to the main lifting frame and walking tandems. I have not noticed any other one with the frame repairs that this one has, so I am thinking this one falls under the "anything can be destroyed by some people" category. I know to look at tires, wheel bearing, walking tandem pivots, disc size, disc bearings and shank play, but is there weak spots in the frame that i should be looking for? Any experiences with these machines? I would like to be educated before purchasing not after. Thanks for any feedback. Jared
  24. I agree with checking the transmission brake adjustment, along with clutch and T/A also. Once everything is set right, if it's still a problem then I would look at the shift linkages for wear and slip. Our 826 was really sloppy shifting when I finally got her back running. I had to tighten up the shift levers on the shaft in the quadrant area. All it entailed was to add a few shim washers and slide everything on nice and snug. Be careful not to slide everything too tight on the shifter shaft or they will bind up. It's really not that big of a job, good luck.
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