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  1. We were very excited to start this TD9 last week.  Here are two short videos:

    TD9 starting

    Switchover to diesel:

    It was so old, there was a tree growing between the blade and the dozer.  I don't think the carb is working because we were dumping gas into the intake manifold to get it to run.  Miraculously, it switched over to diesel and ran for a little while before dying.  Now that we know it works we have a few questions:

    1. What is the start procedure?  In particular, what is the control to the right of the choke that rotates?  Is it for the butterfly valve in the carb?  What is the starting / running position?
    2. Any ideas where to start on cleaning the diesel circuit?  I suspect the diesel in the tank is decades old.
    3. What needs to be lubricated / filled / checked before we try and move it?
    4. How do we move it?  What do all the levers and knobs do?





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