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  1. Is there a list of fluids (volume, type), filters, plugs, etc? In particular we’re interested in the type of oil for the diesel injector pump.
  2. Thanks crawlernut! You're in SLO? We're just down the road in Nipomo. Sounds like a road trip!
  3. We're trying to figure out what these are: 1 - injector bleeds 2 - fuel filter outlet bleed 3 - fuel filter inlet bleed 4 - oil fill 5 - oil bleed 6 - oil drain In addition, we're wondering what the correct sequence to bleed the air is.
  4. Progress! The float in the carburetor was sticking, which we fixed with a little sanding so it didn't rub against the case. Idles fine running on gas, although it still needs a bit of gas in the intake to get started. Diesel isn't working yet, but as this video shows, the hydraulics and clutches seem to be functional.
  5. Hi Duey, Thanks for checking in, and thanks for all your help. We haven't been able to get back to the TD9 yet. Just as soon as we do, we'll post an update.
  6. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, everyone. The hope is that we can return the crawler to service on a 150 acre ranch which has lots of fire roads which need grading. Lane
  7. We were very excited to start this TD9 last week. Here are two short videos: TD9 starting Switchover to diesel: It was so old, there was a tree growing between the blade and the dozer. I don't think the carb is working because we were dumping gas into the intake manifold to get it to run. Miraculously, it switched over to diesel and ran for a little while before dying. Now that we know it works we have a few questions: What is the start procedure? In particular, what is the control to the right of the choke that rotates? Is it for the butterfly valve in the carb? Wh
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