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  1. Good morning from Germany . I need help with my 150s. The ball bearings of the shaft from the steering coupling to the chain are defective. Steering clutch is removed. The 4 screws under the flange of the steering clutch are out but I can not get the bearing housing out. I do not know how to continue ! Can someone help me ? Thank you
  2. Her ist the littel sister , I have 3 of them . I will make 3 to 1 . https://334647.forumromanum.com/member/forum/entry_ubb.user_334647.1211485061.1114092788.1114092788.1.ihc_laderaupe_mit_drottschaufel-international_harvester_neuss.html
  3. if it is warmer again I have to clean it with the high-pressure cleaner. Does not it look bad?
  4. happy New Year ! Thank you for the answers . I ordered filters, there are only 1oder2 providers in Germany. Amazon would have had the diesel filter 72 euros. Spare parts manual I have, I need an operating manual. Now I try to adjust some pictures. greetings from Germany
  5. Next week i sent some photos of the 150k3
  6. Hello, my name is Frank, I'm 40 years old and live near Baumholder (15km) and Ramstein (40km) which is maybe known because of the Big Army locations. I have different German IHC tugs ( D214 , DED 3, D430 , 844S and 1255XL )and 3 small German IHC crawler loaders with 40 HP ( 85-B).Now a 150K3 has been added. A great machine. But I need some help. I am looking for a manual. In addition, I need the name of all filters, in Germany, this type is not listed in any filter manufacturer.The 150K3 does not separate a steering clutch. The machine has been stand 4 years I hope that the clutch still diss
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