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  1. A Swing drive or gearbox is a planetary like gear reduction transfer unit that is located on the main frame deck. A gear on the bottom meshes with a large "ring gear" on the bottom of the main frame. The other side is bolted to hydraulic motor that when you apply power turns the machine independent of the tracks. In the 1970's International purchased a French company Called Yumbo that manufactured the machine in France. Our machine was made somewhere between 1975 and 1978 near as I can determine. Later International was absorbed by Dresser and now I think Komotsu owns rights. 3964B Serial number F10155 Model E 630002 Part number 3153942R92U I once found a thread with information on Salvage yards for Excavators here but cannot find it again. I'm more of a direct social media or email kinda guy I find navigating forums challenging. My email is bill@maizevalley.com Appreciate if anyone has a list of salvage yards or knows of a machine or part NOS lying around someplace. Thanks Bill
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