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  1. They were fine. The tiller as a whole didn't look like it was used much. There was very little wear on the tines. My boss said that him and his wife came home and that tiller was sitting in front of his garage. He pushed it to the side thinking somebody dropped it off there by accident and would be back to pick it up. Days, weeks, months passed and nobody came. It sat by his storage shed for a could years until I started working for him and offered to fix it.
  2. I did it once, I have a charcoal smoker and I cooked some steak in there once using it like a grill more so than a smoker because my gas grill was broken and I didn't replace it yet. I thought the steaks turned out good but they did have a stronger charcoal flavor that my family wasn't used to. I also cook hams the same way after having one prepared that way at a friends house a year ago.
  3. Those are heavy duty units. I got one running for my boss a couple years ago. Originally he wanted to replace the engine but I talked him into rebuilding the Briggs that is on it. After a carb kit, ignition upgrades, and cleaning the combustion chamber of carbon and lapping the valves it ran fine. The belt tensioner drive mechanism was kind of finicky but I got it to work.
  4. We are getting our normal July dry spell here. Farmers are finishing up second cut of haylage, the alfalfa is starting to go backwards on the gravel Knowles in the fields that haven't been cut yet. The corn that is planted in lighter dirt is showing stress, other than that it doesn't look too bad. I pushed a road into a job last week. The ground was so dry that most of the dirt fell out of the stumps after I dug them without having to mess with them too much.
  5. I hope the auction goes well for you guys. Your cows are parlor and free stall trained and the components look good so they should bring a good premium.
  6. Maybe a cab from a 3x88 might work because you would be dealing with the same transmission?
  7. I always thought one of those would be ... Kind of handy... To half ass do ... Some of the things I need to do. I used to say for that kind of money you could buy a decent four wheel drive loader tractor but I'm not so sure with what tractors are bringing today.
  8. There's some weight on that front axle. Drive into a soft spot with that tractor and I got a feeling it's nose would be sitting on the ground
  9. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. There are actually thirteen of us celebrating another year that we have been blessed. Happy birthday sledge and all the other forum members celebrating birthdays today.
  10. I am a little over an hour away depending on where it is.
  11. While you are inside the rear end are you replacing the parking brake band?
  12. That tractor might have a glass bowl at the bottom of the fuel filters, I know a 574 does.
  13. On a heavy tractor that sees a heavy draft load its hard to beat firestones. On a light tractor however, I think the firestone side wall is too heavy and the tires seem too stiff. The ride quality will suffer when compared to something like a mitas or Michelin that seems to have a softer side wall. The downside to those brands are that it seems like the side wall will give out before the tread is gone. Just a few observations.
  14. I was thinking the same thing
  15. I was pretty young during the early 80s. What I recall is the beef cattle leaving and the hay fields not getting cut until fall because all the ground was put into the set-aside program. Apparently there was a loop hole that would allow the harvesting of hay in the fall. I also remember going to a lot of farm auctions with dad during those years, I can drive by some of those places still today and remember the equipment lined up.
  16. You might be able to squeeze one more weight in there.
  17. Personally, I think the center frame would be too weak in its original condition to pull anything behind the disk. The farm I worked at had one and we broke it in half. They also like to break in the front left corner underneath the pivot for the crank support. With that said, possibly tying the hitch into the front of the frame might help. You would also have to watch out for how that might change the weight distribution and the level of the disk when its in the ground.
  18. Don't get between mama and her cubs.
  19. A few years back when I went to a chopper clinic that was hosted by our local John Deere dealer. This was right about when the 8000 series choppers came out, they had one that they demoed that fall in the shop and they were showing everybody the changes they made from the 7000 series. The similarities between a 8000 series John Deere chopper and a claas chopper are numerous. I made the mistake of pointing that out and was promptly corrected by the salesman that said that particular item was nothing like the claas design.
  20. After another run with the wire wheel I thought it looked good. We coated it with vegetable oil just to keep it from rusting again until we season it properly
  21. I found this cast iron griddle a couple weeks ago when my wife and I were out looking for decorative stones for a landscape project. I did some work on trying to clean it today.
  22. Do the nooks and crannies first then work your way out. That will give your painting hand a chance to warm up and also give you an idea how the paint will lay.
  23. I hear the same thing against jcb skid steers, "I just don't know how that single arm boom is going to hold up without twisting". If its abused, it will most likely twist. I've seen a few new Holland booms that were twisted. The few guys I know that do have jcb skid steers love them however.
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