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  1. Another thing to note with a trailer besides requiring a cdl is that you also may need to keep a log book.
  2. I don't ice fish. A friend of mine tried to talk me into going a few years ago and I told him that if he wanted to sit around and drink beer he should warm up his camp. Working outside my feet are cold every day. The last thing I want to do is go stand on the ice or sit in a tiny shack on the ice staring at a hole in the ice waiting to pull a fish through it.
  3. That would certainly make changing some of those hydraulic lines a lot easier.
  4. Does anybody use the foot operated grease gun offered by lock n lube?
  5. You bring up a good point. If you had an autonomous tractor would you be comfortable with it transporting itself down the road if that was even a possibility. If so and said tractor got into an accident and people got injured or even worse, whose responsible?
  6. When the farm a worked at got into harvesting their own silage ten years ago my boss and I went to our local john Deere dealership to look at a chopper. He salesman was showing us some stuff unrelated to the chopper. One that I didn't forget was a feature on their new at the time combines that would allow the combine to sync up with the cart tractor so the combine operator could then adjust its travel with a little joystick on the side console. I agree that there would still need to be a person present to oversee an autonomous tractor but I could certainly see where said person could be planting and the autonomous tractor is doing some kind of finish tillage pass. The other application would be for a crew that injects manure with a drag hose system. I've never done it but I've heard from guys that have that driving the tractor pulling the toolbar was the most boring job there was.
  7. Not to change the subject but did you ever get your splitter built.
  8. I skied a little bit when I was in high school. There was a ten year or so period when I didn't and then I went as a chaperone on a few ski trips for my kids church group. I was surprised that after not going for years all it took was one trip down the bunny hill and I was on my way up to the top of the hill on the chair lift. The funny thing was when I was in school I used poles, the last few times I preferred to leave then at the lodge. I haven't been on skis for about three years now. I wanted to try snowboarding but the rental shop didn't have boots big enough for my feet.
  9. There is no such thing as keeping a nice vehicle in Michigan unless you have a heated garage and wash every time you take it out. That's why I buy reasonable dependable vehicles and run them until they are used up, then replace them. I'm sitting in my 02 yukon right now. 315,000 on the counter. It has some Michigan rust but it does what I need it to. When the day ones that I can't depend on it i have a paid for 01 Tahoe ready and waiting to replace it.
  10. If it's paid for that's one thing. I can't understand making payments on a vehicle and then leaving it sit because they don't want to use it because it might lose value.
  11. Vehicle strategy is one of those things that can almost be ranked up there with religion and politics. My thoughts toward vehicles is that they are nothing but an expense and by no means an investment. With that in mind I buy the lowest cost vehicles that I can depend on to suit my needs. My last truck I purchased for $1500, I probably put another $1000 into it in repairs. I drove that truck for six years until the frame broke in half. My yearly cost to own that truck was what most people spent monthly on a payments. Now that doesn't work for everyone, first off, I don't care what my vehicles look like. Secondly, I do as much of the repairs as possible. Lastly, I really don't like to borrow money and making payments. I'm casually looking for a replacement truck now and almost bought one last month but in the end I just couldn't, I'll wait a few months and find something I can pay cash for. I understand that is you depend on the vehicle for work or if its part of your business that changes things. One thing I never understood are guys that have a brand new vehicle sitting in a garage and they drive an old beater because they don't want to put miles on the new one.
  12. Mostly everything from our jobs is made into pallet stock. The company I work for is a pallet manufacturer but we also log for our own needs. The exception is obviously the pulp wood and cedar and sometimes veneer logs if the market is up
  13. 435 was the next generation equivalent to the 75xt if I'm not mistaken. The farm had one for a while, traded it on a new sv250 when it had about 5000 hours or so. Would have been better off keeping the 435.
  14. Good for you, you've earned it.
  15. The stationery engine is nice but what really caught my eye was the exceptionally clean skid steer in the background. 75xt?
  16. My question is when were you here taking a picture of the inside of my garage and secondly, why didn't you stop in to say hello????
  17. The head on that machine can take up to a 40" chain saw style bar. I'm guessing it could cut a tree up to 36" or so in diameter. I don't get to play with that machine, it belongs to the logger who cuts for us. I did ride along in the cab with him a week ago and he was cutting and processing a tree on an average of eleven seconds. On a good day he can cut over 100 cords of wood. For the most part around here people leave equipment alone. Knock on wood we haven't had any problems with our stuff or our loggers stuff getting tampered with. With today's technology with game cameras you would have to be pretty bold to mess with somebody's machine. There are some guys that have cameras to stand watch but they mostly catch wildlife.
  18. That's how we haul them here mostly. There are some guys that pull crib trailers that stack long ways but its still 100" lengths, maybe some 10 foot. We have one smaller truck and pup that is set up with cribs that we use for hauling anything over 100" but we rarely cut any longer than that. I definitely know the pup is back there but this one trails very well.
  19. This is what I drive, it's a 2006 Kenworth t800 Michigan special. Maximum legal gross with this axle combination is 154,000 so I guess it counts as heavy. The second pic is of the machine that cuts ahead of me. In addition to hauling I also do the road and site prep on our jobs so I do play in the dirt once in a while.
  20. People that don't clean their windshield is one of my biggest pet peaves. I had a lady in a minivan pull out in front of me when I was driving an mx270 with a loaded manure spreader behind me. She had a small area the size of a piece of paper scraped off on her windshield. I had to take the ditch to avoid hitting her. I was all fired up and full of adrenaline so I chewed her ass right there in the road.
  21. I would think that with the way employers are having trouble finding help these days as long as your willing to show up on time on a daily basis they would hire you on the spot.
  22. 2005 Chevy cobalt has the battery under a false floor in the trunk. The same trunk that you push a button inside the car to open. A button that does not work if the battery is dead. You can access the trunk through the back seat and pulling the emergency release from the inside the trunk. Luckily there is a spot on the engine where the car can be jumped if necessary.
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