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  1. I have not seen a 2250 loader that hasn't been welded and reinforced at the cross tube area. Looks like that should be a good tractor after you give it some love. I noticed it has the zf front axle. The farm had a 884 mfwd with a zf. The only issues I remember having with it was the tie rod end pulling out of the steering cylinder if someone hooked something with one of the front tires while backing up.
  2. On a serious note, years ago I was pulling a feed wagon into a pasture to feed some cows. A storm had just blown over and as I was swinging the metal gate open lightning struck on top of the hill about a quarter mile away and gave me a jolt through the gate. I hate getting electric shocks, I was very nervous about closing the gate.
  3. I do know that if it strikes your delorean it will energize the flux capacitor and transport you to the year 1885. Sorry, I had to.
  4. I'd like to see them back down the ramp
  5. I replaced two pumps on an mx270. The first time it would not start when the engine was cold, put a torpedo heater next to it for fifteen minutes and it would fire right off. The second time we started having issues with the flares cracking on the ends of the injection lines. I replaced all six lines and all the clamps thinking there had to be a vibration issue and shortly after that the pump failed. Do you plan on keeping the tractor for a long time. There used to be a bosch conversion for the caps fuel system. It is a bit more costly but if you plan on keeping the tractor around for a while it might be something to consider. From what I've seen and also from what I've been told caps fuel pumps go for about 3500 hours, some more some less. The farm bought the mx270 it had around 3500 hours on it so I'm guessing it got a new pump before they got it, might have been the reason it was traded. The next pump was replaced at around 8000 hours and I did the last one at just under 11000.
  6. We have a dewalt cordless grease gun at work. The nice thing is it takes the same battery as the cordless drills, grinders, drivers, and lights we have also. It seems to work as good as the Lincoln gun we have also
  7. I used to think I knew a lot about 2+2 tractors until I started frequenting this forum. I know a 7000 series John Deere chopper inside and out but it's all useless knowledge now.
  8. My work boots have been getting pretty worn out. I have two pairs at home that are new, one pair I've been wearing around the house and the other is still in the box. Ice been holding off on wearing a new pair to work because I've been doing a lot of shop work and wanted to wait until I was done with that before starting a new pair. Well wouldn't you know it, I started this morning by doing a bunch of climbing up and down on my truck and the seam around the safety toe let go. I knew they wouldn't make the day so I had to improvise. So far so good.
  9. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your background. If you want to know about everything red you have come to the right place.
  10. As promised, here are pictures of my trailer ramp. I built the framework ,out of 1 inch square tube and covered it with expanded metal. To be honest it I added a few more supports and spaced them evenly I probably could have got away without the expanded metal. When I first built it I used the heaviest door hinges I could find, they did not hold up. I took a length of pipe the width of the ramp and cut it into even pieces and welded them to each ramp in an alternating fashion for my hinge, in ten years it hasn't let me down. To hold the ramp in the upright position I welded the cut off ends of square tube and made a solid anchor point on the trailer. One pin on each side through all of the tubes holds both ramps securely during travel. I use this trailer mostly to haul four wheelers and a couple of stock pulling mowers. My ariens S-16 weighted with me on it weighs just under 1500 pounds and the ramp holds up fine. The ramp is heavy and a bit cumbersome to put up due to having to fold it into position, springs or a cable pull would help. I hope these pictures are give you some ideas on how to build your ramp. Keep us updated.
  11. I have one rust jacked so tight in my truck I can pull a loaded trailer without a pin in it. I tried it once just to say I could when I was hauling firewood up to the house
  12. I will take pictures of the ramp I built a few years ago for my trailer and put them on here in the next day or so. Mine sounds like exactly what you are trying to build.
  13. Hang in there and keep us updated .
  14. That was an issue with those planters, especially the wider ones. I planted with an 8 row 800 and there was always the delay in the outside rows due to the longer tubes. Our corn was mostly silage so it wasn't as critical as for ripe corn. I did like just tossing a bag in the hopper as needed to finish a field instead of splitting it between hoppers.
  15. Can seed delivery get any simpler than a cyclo planter? Fill one hopper, make sure you have air pressure, make sure the drum turns, you're planting corn. That being said I have heard that the white metering system is very accurate but have no experience with them.
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