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  1. My newest vehicle is a 2005 cobalt made by Chevrolet. It is currently sitting behind the barn waiting for the installation of its fourth transmission. Besides that there is the 2002 Yukon with over 320,000 miles on the counter. A 2001 Chevy Tahoe, I have a 94 Chevy half ton that serves as my plow truck that I could put on the road if needed. I also have a 93 s-10 that is a work in progress.
  2. I got everything painted and assembled. I don't think it turned out too bad but just as I figured, now I need to do the whole tractor. Because contrasting colors are important to me, I opted to paint the fender grab handle and the opposing blank black. I think it adds some detail.
  3. My uncle had a 6080 in the early 80s, I think it was on a lease. He always said good things about it. There were two other farms around here that had them, one might have been the one my uncle had after his lease was up. They both said they were good tractors. Not necessarily a primary tillage heavy horse but good for your lighter duties like planting or baling hay
  4. An update to this project. A couple other projects needed to be pushed through so this one had to step aside. I fabricobbled a new mount for the hose couplers to get them off the fender and out of the way. It is welded to the bottom fender support so everything can still be separated in necessary. When I removed the fender supports for prep and painting one of the bolts twisted off. I've dealt with this before but know full well it can go south quick. After drilling a hole through the bolt a nut was welded to the end that was luckily sticking out. I let things cool and with a little heat from the torch and some gentle pressure both directions with a wrench it broke loose and came right out. SUCCESS!
  5. I think there is a trade off regarding those three. Everyone has to deal with at least one or two.
  6. I thought I read once that with the finger meters too slow will cause the seed to bounce back into the meter.
  7. What year? I changed one on a 2011 magnum 225 with a cvt, it wasn't too hard to do
  8. I was told right away to be careful with the knuckle buster controls. The only time I feel they get difficult is when the mechanism is under extreme load.
  9. If it was pony start that would be the ultimate.
  10. I honestly have the best luck grinding off the end of the pins and driving the link out with a punch and a two pound sledge.
  11. Are there reproduction ones available? At those prices I'm surprised nobody has tried to recast them.
  12. That's a nice looking grader also. It can get busy in the cab when I'm operating ours, kind of feel like an octopus playing the drums. As far as turning, I've found that if I lean the front tires in the direction that I want to turn that helps a lot. Otherwise it has a turning radius slightly better than an Elwood four wheel drive axle.
  13. Possibly a loader bracket?
  14. It was definitely made during a time when men were men and the women were great full for that.
  15. I've talked about this thing enough on here and it came up in a topic yesterday so I figured I'd start a thread about it. We got a pretty good rain last night so today I went and retrieved the cat number 12 from its winter resting place. It needed some service and I need it for road maintainer on another job. We had issues last winter getting it into gear. The transmission oil was in pretty poor shape and I'm thinking might have had some moisture in it so it was drained. I flushed it with diesel fuel, a procedure the operators manual actually says to do, and filled it with fresh oil. The oil in the pony engine was also changed. I greased a few points, will try to bleed the brakes in the morning if I can find a helper, then it will be off to the woods again. I'll try to take some action shots
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