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  1. Is that a rigid frame or does it flex? Those trailer type plows are surprisingly easy to maneuver. I worked for a custom harvester on the side a few years back. He had a nine bottom Wil-rich that he pulled with a 926 fendt, I plowed close to 1000 acres for him with that combination and had a blast doing it.
  2. I would imagine most of the open station 4 post tractors had a rough life. Are there any records of how many were produced.
  3. One thing to remember is that it took time for it to get stuck, it will take time to get it unstuck. I had an engine that was stuck a few years ago. I pulled it out of the tractor, tore it down to just the block with the stuck pistons. I then cleaned the vote as clean as I could including the area around the edge of the piston, I knew I was in for a complete overhaul. I filled the bores with diesel fuel and waited. That winter we were due for a week of sub zero weather. I had the block on a stand in a 50 degree shop so at night I would roll the block out into the unheated lean to. The next morning I would roll it back into the warm shop and put a piece of cardboard under it and repeated the procedure that evening. At the end of day four I noticed a wet spot on the cardboard meaning the fuel had penetrated through. I pushed it outside one more night and at the end of the next day one piston was hammered out and the other one needed a nudge from the press to break it free.
  4. Sorry about the loss of your tractor but it's a blessing nobody was hurt on that day. I guy I worked for always said "iron can always be fixed".
  5. No problem, it can be hard to stop and capture every step when you get moving on a project and just want to get it done. This project intrigued me because of the mx270 that I split for a trans overhaul. Our dealership talked me into sending them the trans because as they said it takes a lot of special tools and procedures to overhaul those clutch packs. I also knew that with my limited resources if I decided to tear into it myself they probably wouldn't help me if I got into a bind so I gave them the job. If I ever figure out how to pull the pictures from my old phone I will load them up on here.
  6. It's a legume similar to alfalfa or clover, actually was considered a weed around here at one time. It has the little nodules on the roots that fix nitrogen in the soil.
  7. Just curious, how did the job turn out?
  8. The last ten or so years I was at the farm we were experimenting with cover crops on some ground that we couldn't put manure on. We started with just cereal rye then added some radish and finally had a blend of everything including hairy vetch and clover. We saw positive results but up here timing is everything, it's very hard to get it in early enough to have it actually make a difference. When we started we were broadcasting the seed over lightly disked ground and rolling it in with a cultimulcher. We eliminated the first disk pass on corn fields that we chopped and saw no change. After the farm purchased the 30 foot landoll drill we just no tilled the covers in but we did see a better stand when we disked the ground first, I think there was too much competition with the previous crop
  9. I would love to see a hydro 2+2, (sigh) if only I had the resources.
  10. There are so many variables to consider such as soil type, how deep you want to run it and what kind of points. As bitty said ten horsepower per shank is kind of the rule. They have a 15 shank brillion at the farm that we usually pulled with an mx270 as far down as it would go. The 3588 that was turning 184hp could pull it, just not as deep and not up any steep hills.
  11. They usually just pull out. It is kind of a hard place to get at. Can you twist it at all? If you absolutely cannot remove it open one of the plugs in the axle housing. I think that when the diff is full the oil should be up to the bottom of that plug.
  12. I did that to a couple 2+2s over the years. I hated those hoods, I always wanted to modify one so it would tip up like a truck hood.
  13. I'm going to ask the dumb question. Nobody who has a super 70 would be willing to have their center casting measures for replicating. I realize that the tractor would need to be split. Are all the super 70s accounted for or are there still some that may have fallen through the cracks
  14. My guess would be, and it's only a guess because I saw it happen to another tractor, that the linings separated from the clutch disks and got wedged between the plates which will make it turn all the time. Check your hydraulic filter, if you see pieces of clutch lining in there that's probably what it is
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