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  1. I used to pull them and powerwash them whenever I would wash the tractor if it was real bad. Leave it may in the sun for a while or hang it over something and it will dry out and be good as new. I swear some of the guys driving the tractors would go out of their way to see how dirty they could get the inside of cab. 😠
  2. The started solenoid is nothing more than an elecromagnet. When the signal,small, wire is energized it activates the magnet. When the magnet is activated it physically pushes the bendix into the ring gear on the flywheel. When the bendix is engaged a washer inside the solenoid makes contact with the two contact points inside the solenoid thus powering the starter. If the bendix engaged and the starter won't turn I'm guessing that either your washer or the contacts inside the solenoid are burnt. Either way it sounds like a new solenoid will be the solution.
  3. I stopped at a local equipment dealer to do some browsing this morning. They sell Taylor way equilment, mostly small three point stuff. I was talking to one of the owners about a disk and he gave me a brochure of everything Taylor way has to offer. Inside I noticed they also make bigger disks. Their biggest one is 25 feet wide with 22 inch blades. Just curious if anybody on here has one or has used one and how well they are built.
  4. Practicing with water would be a good way to learn to control the machine smoothly. That is always my goal when I'm training on something new, speed will follow. I will mention this as a caution. If your body of water is on your private land hidden from the public view then carry on. If it is a public body of water in plain sight of the general public you might want to rethink the idea of dipping water. It always seems like there is a nosey neighbor who thinks it's their duty to inform the authorities whenever someone gets close to a body of water. Even though you own the shoreline there
  5. This was from an accident that happened at the farm I worked at two years ago. We had a guy hauling round bales with the bale wagon. He was empty on a strait stretch of the main highway, traffic is usually pretty light around here. We ran on the edge of the pavement, there is enough room for oncoming traffic to see around us and we would get over when conditions allow.We didn't like running the shoulder because we always seemed to have flat tire issues. A minivan came up from behind and rear ended the wagon pushing it into the tractor. The tire caught it and it went up breaking both windows,
  6. The county fair in the neighboring county had an exhibition pull with three busses a few years back. They had the rear suspension blocked rigid and they hooked high so they pretty much had the front end in the air the whole way down the track. Pretty neat anyhow.
  7. I agree with the first part, that was good of the company to keep him on when in reality they could have laid him off. The second part I don't buy and I realize I quoted a small part of your post. I used to hear that all the time at my previous job, "just be happy you have a job" and I bought it. In fact I often felt guilty about what I was making there so I would work even harder and take more on. It wasn't until I left I found out how wrong that way of thinking was. One of my old co-workers asked me what I was going to do if I couldn't find work. I told them that I could go to town and
  8. I joined this forum nearly two years ago. The first few months I mostly read a lot of threads, added posts to topics that I could add something to the discussion and reacted to other posts. It was probably at least two months before I started a topic on here. I've found with social media it doesn't take long to figure people out and what their interests are. When I started I didn't start a thread to introduce myself. I just kind of hung out in the back of the room and slowly joined in the fun, much like I would in real life. As time went on I put more and more details about me on here. I also
  9. Yes they did. The cat pattern is what is now the iso pattern used by most manufacturers. The Deere pattern is totally backwards, it is similar to the pattern of the valves on my log loader. Some machines have a lever or switch you can use to change patterns, there is always a prankster on a job that will do that to an operator.
  10. First, welcome to the forum. As for a parts listing, you should be able to find something on the internet or a company that sells manuals. If all you need are hoses any good industrial supply should be able to help you out. As far as operation, I would recommend finding a place on your property that you can turn into a "sandbox" where you can get comfortable with the machine. It is important and your responsibility to make sure there are no overhead lines or buried utilities where you plan on digging. Also if you search on YouTube I'm sure there are videos that can give you some tips.
  11. I had a leak on the tele-stick on the roto-bec log loader on my old truck last year, it was a pain. Pulled the stick apart, repacked the cylinder, reassemble with new hoses and the thing still leaked. Come to find out there was a hairline crack in the steel line that ran down the cylinder. Brazed the line and life was good after that. The end of that stick looks like an awkward thing to try and move.
  12. As promised, here is the picture after a couple passes through the sweet corn.
  13. I have a Massey Ferguson model 74 plow I picked up this fall that I used to plow under my pumpkin/sweet corn patch. I was very impressed with the job that plow did on the standing sweet corn, the pictures are on my phone, I'll post tomorrow.
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