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  1. Aluminum frame with what looks like a walking beam suspension?
  2. The farm I was at had a 3788 with 14.9-46 radials on it, the previous owner had it set up for 20 inch rows. There were no issues with fender clearance
  3. Gee wiz, that's a light load. What kind of set up?
  4. Another note while I'm thinking of trucks. Has anybody else noticed an increase in older trucks on the road lately? The trucking company that hauls some of our pallets let's us borrow some of their tools of we need them. I was over at their shop a couple of weeks ago returning a puller and I was talking with the mechanic. They had one of their older trucks that they drug out of the weeds inside for a complete rebuild. He said that for what they paid in repairs to keep their newest truck on the road due to emissions they could have rebuilt the truck they pulled out of the weeds.
  5. That's no joke. I had a conversation with the parts girl at our kw dealership last week. She said that kw is currently building trucks, then parking them out in a lot and then pulling the chip that runs the truck. Apparently there is a shortage on microchips. She also said that if there is anything that I thought we would need to order it now because she couldn't guarantee that she would have it when/if we needed it. Not the common wear items like brakes and such but the oddball stuff that you can't run without. I had to replace a yoke on one truck and I got the last one in the country accord
  6. Goes to show there are all kinds of people. You attempted to do what you had to to make it right, it sounds like he refused payment.
  7. Any idea what a bushel of popcorn weighs verses yellow corn and how does it effect your load.
  8. Yeah, our roads are bad but a lot has to do with what time of year it is also. The roads are a lot worse in February than they are when the frost is out due to the frost heaving. I notice it, the roads aren't nearly as rough as they were a month ago.
  9. That thought crossed my mind but then I start thinking. I could maybe make a nice trailer out of the frame and axles, you know because I really need another project to work on. Also there is nothing better than a half ass trailer that really doesn't work well for anything when a decent trailer can be bought for probably less than what I would have into repurposing that junk.
  10. This is my entry. I haven't had a chance to use it much in the last few years, I'm just too busy. Maybe this summer. Actually it has been sitting on the property next to mine longer than I lived here. The story is a friend of his moved it in and was living in it for a while before skipping town. I talked to the owner a couple years ago about dismantling it just to get it gone but I haven't gotten to it and don't know how bad I really want to.
  11. We are probably a month away up here but it could come earlier this year, I might go for a look in a week or so. I had a couple good spots that always yielded good but the last couple years they didn't produce well. I might have to go looking for new places.
  12. There's a guy up here that does that kind of stuff. Check out sick air fmx.
  13. The guy who we get our meat from bought an 1805 last year. I usually help him in the spring put crops in so I might spend some time in it this spring.
  14. Wisconsin figured out a long time ago that it is cheaper in the long run to pave their side roads instead of leaving them travel and maintaining them. They are narrow however, makes it a interesting sometimes driving a tractor with duals.
  15. I would have to guess that at least a quarter of not a third of the product is inaccessible without cutting the top off of the can.
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