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  1. I was thinking of that same point myself. Fewer and fewer farms means the loss of infrastructure. It happened where I live, when my dad milked cows 50+ years ago there were hundreds of small farms around the county, Probably a dozen or so small cheese factories, a handful of equipment dealers and so on. Over the years the number of small farms goes down and so does the infrastructure that supports that industry. Today there is the same number of cows in the county, they are on only a dozen farms that I can think of. The milk is trucked two hours away, the nearest major farm equipment dealer is over an hour away.
  2. Wouldn't a quad track be at a disadvantage due to the lower psi?
  3. I remember those days. A couple years ago I started the day with five trucks and by the afternoon we were down to one. The bosses son took over for me in the chopper and I worked my magic on the four trucks. One had fuel issues, two of the other ones had minor problems. The worst one was the truck that lost the bushings in the walking beam on the Hendrickson suspension, I had that one back on the road the next afternoon. The joys of harvesting, makes you appreciate when everything is rolling good.
  4. When we used to fill the silos we had a guy plug the pipe so bad it split the seam on a spiral wound pipe, not a good day.
  5. Blend it with a carrier like oats or some other small grain. We tried to no till fescue once into some winter kill areas in hay fields one year. I couldn't get the seed to go through the drill by itself, I mixed it with oats and it went fine after that.
  6. They have a d3b cat at work that we use to touch up logging spur roads and make turn arounds in the woods. Those little dozers are so nice because you can get in anywhere and they are light enough we can haul it on a gooseneck trailer.
  7. I have a lot of respect for anyone who starts a farm from scratch. I have a good friend who is doing the same thing with his beef operation. He started with nothing, bought some property, cleared a portion of it for pasture, and farms ground that nobody else will even touch and does a very good job of it. It's good to see and hear about people like you and him and possibly any other members on this forum that are first generation farmers.
  8. It wasn't the nice sounding diesel of today. It had that old diesel knock to it. If course we had that during my junior high school years and one tends to be a bit more sensitive to stuff like that at that time.
  9. That's saying a lot! My dad had an 86 suburban with a 6.2 when I was growing up in my early teenage years. He always wanted a diesel and at the time we were doing some small scale logging so we used it to pull a trailer to haul our wood to the mills. It was certainly a gutless wonder and a bead to get started, I remember numerous times the solenoid sticking and the engine wouldn't stop cranking over. Very cold to ride in, it was our family vehicle as well and I don't think the diesel warmed up as fast as a gas engine but after all it was an 86 model suburban so it wasn't exactly air tight. Very noisy also, people knew you were driving a diesel before they could see you. If it was something that you just want for around the farm or ranch and the price is right it probably wouldn't be too bad. I wouldn't suggest picking your kids up from school with it unless you want to scar them for life.
  10. I was told once that on a verticle tillage implement keeping the blades sharp was important for them to work well, personally I had no experience with them
  11. ah yes, I didn't realize that but I never had any time around ih combines. Jd does that with their equipment also. Imagine my disappoint when I ordered axle bearings for a 7400 forage harvester and got bearings for a 7400 tractor.
  12. At least ih never had multiple tractors that had the same number. Go to a dealer once and get filters for a 8430, you better specify if it's the one from the 70s or more recent one, or the r series for that matter.
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