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  1. I know I've seen it on here before but I like the pattern on those silo staves, very unique.
  2. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything about the business side of farming but when a guy needs to exploit the system and look for government loop holes to run a profitable business maybe they should look into a different line of work?
  3. The first time I ran a skid steer with the iso pattern I was trying to pick up logs with pallet forks of all things, you would have thought I never ran a skid steer ever because I was used to case controls. If I was moving I took my hand off of the loader function stick and that help a lot, vice versa for when I was doing bucket work. Just thinking, I haven't ran a case pattern in almost four years so I would be curious to get in one to see how I would do.
  4. You haven't ran an excavator until you ran one with foot pedals, pretty hard to jump steer one of those.
  5. That's unavoidable with that kind of chopping but a good operator in the chopper and more importantly good truck or tractor drivers will keep it to a minimum. What really caught my eye was the spilled feed when the carts dumped into the truck, that adds up. The main reason the farm I worked at started considering chopping their own feed again was because the fall prior my boss watched the custom chopper go 200 yards while over shooting the truck which was next to the chopper. The custom harvesters son was running the chopper and he tried to be a hot shot and do the trick you've probably seen on YouTube where two trucks line up and the chopper just raises the spout and switches trucks non stop, it didn't work. Our first year with the chopper we had something to prove. Every field we opened or splitting it was done by pulling a wagon behind the chopper, we didn't have enough trucks so wagons were in our rotation anyway. We were so particular about it that if silage was spilled due to a door not latching and a visible pile was left it got swept into the bucket of the loader tractor that was pulling a wagon. Towards the end of the season we did do some splitting with trucks because those tend to be straight runs.
  6. The funny thing is, if you can master both you will be able to jump in either machine and run it flawlessly. I run into the same thing logging equipment. A truck loader and a forwarder are totally backwards, but I can jump in either machine and it seems like once I hit the seat I know what each function does without thinking. I'm the same way with skid steers. Case, new holland, IOS (cat), I can jump in either machine at any time and operate it fine.
  7. I can see that, dragging stuff through the mud is hard on everything. I thought they were just for the sake of keeping the trucks out of the field.
  8. The cost of two dump carts, the tractors pulling them, and the person in the seat would fix a lot of "wear and tear" on the trucks.
  9. I've been wondering what you've been up to, you have been pretty quiet on here lately so I figured you have been busy.
  10. I've had the windshield blasted a few times by the chopper because the truck got stuck while opening or splitting a field, it didn't take the glass out but it did need a good cleaning before I went down the road.
  11. I have a couple of those antique fire extinguishers, I need to clean them up. I've only been talking about doing it for twenty years now.
  12. I saw a video on YouTube a year ago where somebody in a claas jaguar was trying to blow corn silage into what I was assuming their sons battery powered gator. It was the dumbest most irresponsible thing I ever saw for any parent to put their child in harms way like that. People don't realize how much velocity the forage has when it leaves the spout. The pieces of corn cob I'm certain could break the skin. I've seen it blow the back swinging doors on rear unload trucks and wagons open when we would open and split fields it they weren't latched right.
  13. The first picture is of my woodmaster boiler, it heats the house and domestic water. The second picture is of my double barrel stove in the garage, I don't fire that up much but it does take the chill out of the air. Most of the wood I get is oversize hard wood pulp larger than 24 inches in diameter. I usually bring it home with the mills smaller log truck, about a five cord load. I do it on the weekend and I try to cut it up when I have the truck here. I will lay as many as eight sticks out on stringers, then block them up into 20 inch lengths, my splitter only opens to 21 inches. Then I use the trucks loader to toss the blocks into a pile and lay out the next batch on sticks. I can usually do a truck load in a day by myself. I mounted one of those harbor freight pickup truck cranes onto my splitter for lifting the heavier blocks onto it for splitting.
  14. Is your wood master a conventional or a gasifier?
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