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  1. I wonder how close it is to 540 at pto speed. A neighbor who used to farm around here said he ran a 540 blower off of a 1000 pto shaft on a case when he filled silo. He said it worked really well, the tractor had so much torque it would run all day at 1500 rpm and burn half the fuel compared to if it was run on the 540 shaft
  2. Somehow I got roped in to helping a good friend put a roof on his house. A big thank you to anyone on this forum who has given their service to our country
  3. On the other hand, I have a good friend in the limestone business who has work stacked up for weeks placing rip-rap along the lake shore of lake Michigan because the water is so high.
  4. That's a biggun, yuk. Up here we need to tolerate some cold and snow but at least we don't have those things
  5. Does it have a weight bracket? If it does I would tow from that. If not just find a piece of heavy chain big enough for a bolt to fit through and bolt it to the front casting or frame rails.
  6. Guys up here that plant sweet corn have been doing that for years. If they can get it in early enough they have had ears for sale by the fourth of july.
  7. I couldn't handle that. If I'm getting paid I have to be doing something. If there is nothing for me to do then I clock out and go home. I know people who would be in heaven getting paid to just sit there but that isn't for me
  8. What type of alternator did you put on the tractor? Is it the oem style that has one big wire and the two smaller ones that share the same plug, or is it a single wire self exciting style that only used the one large wire? I had issues with a 1566 that the alternator would not always excite itself so I switched to a single wire and problem solved. It sounds like based on what you're describing the alternator is not putting out a charge. A sure way to tell is to take a long screwdriver and touch it to the metal cap that covers the bearing on the back side of the alternator. There should be a magnetic pull on that cap, if there isn't you're alternator isn't charging
  9. It's confusing around here to. Often you see a torch set advertised as "having papers". Some people say you need them some say you don't or they can't be transfered. I don't have a torch at home yet, been meaning to get one. I guess the best thing one could do is check with the local supplier.
  10. That's another good one. My friends and I used to quote our favorite doc holiday lines from that movie. " why Ike, maybe poker isn't your game. I know, let's have a spelling contest"
  11. One of our club members has one like that, he uses it at his business and let's us have fun with it to from time to time. His coolers leaked and I think he just found heavy duty truck transmission coolers and replaced them. He had the whole thing torn apart last summer. He was only a couple miles away when I worked at the farm so whenever I did engine work he would let me use it, it's the best way to break in a fresh engine
  12. Nevada Smith is another good one. My mom is a big McQueen fan so I saw a lot of his movies growing up. Those two were my favorite but I also liked the car chase from bullit
  13. I haven't seen it on here, pretty neat stuff
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