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  1. A brief history lesson. Originally, the upper peninsula was part of the Wisconsin territory. It was given to Michigan as a consolation prize because they gave up, or lost, the Toledo strip to Ohio. I live in the southern most part of the UP. From where I sit and type this I'm about 20 minutes from the river that separates the UP and Wisconsin. We have more in common with Wisconsin. We mostly cheer for the packers, although, there are a few lions fans around, and Hate the Vikings. I think as far as Yoopers go, we don't really think of ourselves as a part of Michigan or Wisconsin. There has been talk for as long as I can remember about the UP becoming the 51st state but I don't ever see it happening. The cartoon must be some attempt at a dig at Wisconsin at least that's how I look at it
  2. And at the moment you can't remember where that is? Don't worry, it happens to me also.
  3. I'm probably wrong but from what I've gleaned from other threads regarding this even if it was possible third gear in a 15 is the same shaft speed as fourth gear in a 14 so if the idea was to swap the trans to make the tractor faster you wouldn't gain anything, just another year in between which may or may not be helpful. It's a combination of the ring and pinion and the planetary drives that make the 15s slower. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong
  4. I installed k&n filters on a couple of honda three wheelers and four wheelers I had as well as their jet kits for the carb. With an aftermarket pipe I could really notice the difference over the stock filter and jetting. On a larger engine I don't know if you would notice a change. I never had any issues with them damaging the engines. I put two k&n filters on a snowmobile I had years ago that was set up with dual carbs. The air box was missing and I figured that it would be a better way to go. I was wrong, I had issues with the carbs freezing up due to the moisture that passed through the filters.
  5. I rebuilt a John Deere 688 rotary head from the frame up. New seals in all the gear boxes, I believe there are 15 on that head. Also did a lot of welding on the crop guides where they were getting thin as well as new key stock on the drums. That solved all of our feeding and plugging issues. I even had time to paint everything while it was apart. It took a good part of the winter among other projects but it looked and performed like a new head when it was done.
  6. I do some stock pulling with it. The last pull i did with it was at our local county fair and I took first in the unlimited weight class. It tipped the scale at over 1500 pounds. I was pulling against a cub cadet, not sure what number. I even let him use my weights to try and even things but in the end I was able to get past him.
  7. Thanks. I've been putting some feelers out there. The dealership that dad sold it through has long since closed and is now a fab shop that builds trailers. A relative of the owner says that all of the old sales records are still there so that might be my best shot to finding it if I can find the paperwork from the transaction and a serial number can be found. I kind of know where it went but that was 30 years ago and a lot can happen. Things like this have a funny way of working out for me so I'm just being patient.
  8. Dad had six 75 pound weights for the front of his 186 hydro, he kept them when he sold it. We always used 4 of them as counterweight for the ariens s-16h when we had the snowblower on it, I got them when I took possession of the ariens years back. The other two, dad gave to my sister because she needed them to hold a garden shed in place at her house. My sister moved to a new house this summer and asked me if I wanted those weights. I said absolutely and now they are reunited with the other four. Maybe someday they can be hung back on the 186 hydro if I can find it. For now they can do their thing on the ariens.
  9. Sad reminder indeed, sorry to hear that. Approach every rail crossing as if you would have to make a complete stop.
  10. The 1566 black stripe at the farm had solid side panels.
  11. Here is the perfect excuse to purchase a portable welder if you ever needed one. I bought a Lincoln last year from a company close to me that does a lot of work for the mines. When the mines get slow they sell off old inventory and replace it when they pick back up. The actual welder doesn't work like it should but I bought it to use as a generator and it was priced accordingly. If I ever needed it I could probably get it fixed to weld again. It will run my entire house if I need it to. Because it was used in an underground mine it is set up to run on propane, I have two 30 pound cylinders full and ready to go. The only thing I think I have to be careful with is using electronic devices when I'm on generator power. The only things I'm interested in running are lights, heat, water, and the refrigerator and freezers. Everything else gets unplugged. Newer generators might be able to produce safe power for electronics.
  12. Now if you could just find where it was in the buckwheat.
  13. They also made an appearance in back to the future three. The song that they play during the dance is a fiddled up version of their song double back which plays at the end of the movie.
  14. You're probably right but with today's tractor prices $8000 won't get you much of a 1066 or have anything left to do much to it.
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