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  1. TractormanMike.mb

    4630 with triples

    Turning must be fun also.with no front.weights and all that traction
  2. TractormanMike.mb

    IH 435

    Growing up dad had one of those, bought it with a thrower but it wasn't on the baler. His intention was to put the thrower on and build sides in our wagons but we could never get the knotters to work good enough. I think there were days that we tied more bales by hand than the baler did. We had the dealer come out and that didn't seem to help much. Finally dad bought a 37 baler and that one tied good enough to put the thrower on and the 435 went down the road. Hopefully you have better luck with your 435 than we did.
  3. TractormanMike.mb

    Green contraband

    A couple summers ago I was looking for one for a 4650 at the farm to pull a corn planter they had bought. All states ag parts wanted $600 for an aftermarket, $400-$500 for a good used one. We ended up buying one from an old John Deere dealer that closed up shop a few years back for $150. He was moving a bunch of stuff on Craigslist and after I called him he invited us to come see what he had. Talk about a kid in a candy store.
  4. TractormanMike.mb

    Music thread

    I didn't put any links to songs because: 1 i can't figure out how to do it and 2 i can't pick just one song. I listen to mostly rock and prefer anything from the early 90s Seattle scene. Pearl jam, Alice in chains, soundgarden, temple of the dog just to name a few. All of that music always takes me back to my high school days and the good times with old friends. One of the benefits of modern technology has been the ability to "rediscover" some really good music that never gets radio play anymore. I get so tired of hearing the same overplayed songs on the radio , sure they are good songs but I've heard them hundreds of times. There's nothing better than hearing a song that you haven't heard in years that you used to like.
  5. TractormanMike.mb

    How to keep a man busy

    I'll admit I did it twice
  6. TractormanMike.mb

    To cover of not to cover

    Sorry. The name of this thread is supposed to be to cover or not to cover. I hate auto correct!
  7. TractormanMike.mb

    To cover of not to cover

    I thought about this today while hauling a skid steer at work. I was always told that it was best to haul equipment with the exhaust pointing the opposite way of travel so the wind from driving wouldn't spin the turbo. If it could only be loaded with the exhaust facing the direction of travel then it needed to be covered or taped. A couple years ago I had a discussion with an engine builder and he said it didn't matter either way because even if air was blown in through the exhaust it would have no where to go because it couldn't flow through the engine. I almost always try to haul with the exhaust pointing backwards but today I had to back the skid steer up on to the trailer because the front end wouldn't stay down going up forward. I just left the machine run on the trailer while I drove the five miles. What do you guys think?
  8. TractormanMike.mb

    Tired of feeding cows?

    I was thinking that as well
  9. TractormanMike.mb

    New to me 3588

    Do the turn signals work?
  10. TractormanMike.mb

    MXU125, are they bad as people say?

    The bigger magnums and stiegers can be done easily through the performance monitor, I usually did those twice a year around 300 to 500 hours depending on what the tractor did. I was unaware that an mxu could be done without a computer being plugged into it, one of the techs from our dealership tried to do it and the tractor wouldn't let them into the calibration sequence. The farm has a cvt as well so we usually just had the dealer come out and calibrate both of those tractors. I agree with the statements you made about educating. I don't think the basis operators manual even mentioned calibrating the transmission. Even if it did good luck finding it, those manuals are not very user friendly.
  11. TractormanMike.mb

    MXU125, are they bad as people say?

    The bill for the transmission was somewhere around $14,000 from what I recall hearing. That job was done at a dealer, it was in the middle of summer and I was too busy with the harvesting operations to tear into it myself so the boss decided to send it out. I imagine they probably replaced every wear part inside when they were in there. Those transmissions need to be calibrated on a yearly basis and the problem is only a dealer can do it when they plug a computer into it...for a fee.
  12. TractormanMike.mb

    IH 3788 Grille / Hood

    2+2 goods could have been designed better. One if the first things I would do is tack a piece of expanded metal screen in the opening behind where the grill goes. That will strengthen the hood considerably and keep your bottom corners from cracking. The only 2+2 on the farm that still has a grill has 1/4 inch bolts going through it to secure it to the hood. I know it's going to be hard to drill holes in a brand new grill that you can no longer get. You could possibly fasten it from the back side with self tapping screws
  13. TractormanMike.mb

    My Georgia peach

    One of my friends drove an old postal jeep in high school, his dad sort of collected them. The novelty of the sliding doors wore off when you hit highway speed with them open and all your stuff went blowing outside. Ah good times.
  14. TractormanMike.mb

    MXU125, are they bad as people say?

    I posted a comment about an mxu 110 in another thread, I think it was one of yours. It seems like all the major problems we had with the tractor started to surface after the tractor rolled over the 5000 hour mark. The transmission needed rebuilding, lost all odd gears. Both the pto and four wheel drive clutches needing replacing, not to mention the other sensors and other small items that starting to fail. It's a shame because it was a really nice tractor to work with, it just started to fall apart. If I could make a suggestion based on my experience, I would look for something with lower hours if it fits your budget.
  15. TractormanMike.mb

    New to me 3588

    In addition to the fuses, I think there is also a circuit breaker mounted to the side of the fuse box that also is in the light circuit. I've seen one tractor that had a weak breaker and the lights would work for a half hour or so and then go out. A few minutes later they would come back on, then go out again when the breaker got hot again.