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  1. I remember seeing Boys Life magazine in doctors offices and I think even a couple of my teachers had it in the classrooms. As far a scouting goes unfortunately I never really joined the boy scouts. I went to a few of the meetings they would have to try and build interest but when it came down to it never got into it. This was the late 80s early 90s and I can only think of a couple kids at my school earned eagle scout. Today one of the scout leaders is in our local club and he says they have one scout which is really kind of sad.
  2. I had that issue with a 3588 once and I figured it was due to it not being adjusted properly. I could get it to not coast on the low side but then it wouldn't snap in on the high side. I had a parts tractor that had the electric/hydraulic update so I just swapped it over to that tractor and problem solved. Measure the distance between the top of the valve and the snap ring on the spool. If I'm not mistaken it should measure 1 1/8 inches when up and the snap ring should touch when the spool is down.
  3. When we did our 39 h for our tractor club raffle it was an all fuel and we bought a small tank off of eBay for I think $35 or so. List it for sale online, somebody out there needs one.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to share pictures with us. I love the 37 on the pull type combine.
  5. I installed a mechanical diode ta in a 3788 years back. That tractor was used to pull a 700 cu ft tmr mixer every day to feed cows. I also installed an extra hour meter at the same time to count running hours because the tach quit working. When the tractor left the farm my hour meter read over 4200 hours. This was daily use mixing feed and some occasional tillage. The ta still worked strong on both the high and low side.
  6. That's too bad that that happened to you. One of my neighbors who rents out a couple houses told me once that there are a lot of good people out there...and. They all own their own homes
  7. A few years ago I was helping my adopted step daughters boyfriend put new shocks on his blazer in my garage. About half way through the job I asked him to explain to me why his shocks were so wore out.
  8. That is indeed a good feeling when you tear something all apart and put it back together and everything works not only as it should but better than when you started.
  9. What about using the graphite that comes in an spray can, the same stuff that at least I used to lube the drum gasket on the cyclo planter.
  10. Just curious, what was the main improvement over the standard ta?
  11. I always thought that to,.especially when the powertrain is identical, the only difference is the cab. I always thought of a new holland tractor as a bare bones version of the red equivalent, the red cab was just nicer and laid out better. If you make a comment like that around someone who has blue blood you will most certainly get a dirty look.
  12. He's floating gears. Basically when he shifts he moves the shifter until he can feel the gears lightly touching, then he adjusts the throttle so the speeds match up and the gears can be completely engaged. Obviously he's been doing it for a while. I used to be able to do the same thing with 86 series and 2+2 tractors
  13. I have no experience with a krause but I have been around a landfoll drill. Those drills are heavy, like 20,000 pounds loaded, this one was a 30 foot. We usually drilled with a magnum 225 cvt, it pulled it ok. The mx270 pulled it the best. The jd 4650 could do it on flat ground but forget about it if there were hills. I didn't really notice the tractor pulling any harder when I lowered the openers into the ground. I would think a 1486 would be able to pull a fifteen foot. Are you looking for a mounted drill or is it a pull behind. Pull behind drills can have a negative tongue weight effect when the openers are raised, at least the landoll did. That can make difficult head lands a challenge. Having enough weight on the rear axle would make a big difference
  14. The suction hose will be bigger, probably twice the size of the pressure hoses and will go from the tank to the pump. I'm not real familiar with that machine. Is there a valve that controls the drop rate of the header? Maybe as it heats up it gets sticky and won't let the header go down. I had a similar problem on a 2303, the header wouldn't lower so the operator kept lowering the flotation pressure making the header heavier to make it go down. That in turn was busting up everything that basically touched the ground because the header was plowing into stuff instead of floating over it. On that machine the drop rate could be adjusted electronically so after I did that I reset the float pressure to where it should be and life was good again.
  15. That is a nice feature to be able to use it as a long extension when needed. I've never seen that before.
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