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  1. Just bought another 1086, has digital tach, I have power to one of the pins, I pulled display out and tried it in my other tractor and works fine. I found the sensor is unplugged and hanging off of the flywheel housing but for the life of me I cannot find a connector to go to it. I have floor plate out and hunting all over, looked at my other 1086 and there’s a wiring there plain as day for it but none on this tractor. I have a manual but still dunno wth that connector went to weather someone chopped it off!!???
  2. 1066 new injection pump, have all lines hooked up and won’t prime fuel just runs through the return right back into the tank, can pump all day on it gets tough stop pumping and about 5 seconds later pumping handle is easy again and can hear pump making a whistling sound while pumping none of the lines are leaking. Any ideas?
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