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  1. Just wanted to update i found the original tube it was cut looks like the ran a new one towards the back of the tank , hard to see if it is leaking or not welded right without empty the fuel tank . Thanks again for the info , Tom
  2. Thank you for the picture , ill investigate i dont remember seeing this tube inside my tank but will look to see if its there . Tom
  3. Its at the bottom part of tank theres nothing attached to it it is just a little nub sticking down.
  4. Thanks so much for the info !! I have another question on the fuel tank theres a small tube on the under side that drips diesel fuel its not the drain or fuel line feed or return any body have any ideas . I been running it for a while then recently it started to drip . Thanks tom
  5. Hi looking for some info , does anybody know were to get a thermostat and radiator cap for TD7E 1979 . Thanks Tom
  6. I would like some info on what product would be good to use inside the rear main frame to wash out debris that wont hurt the gears and clutch linings . Thanks Tom
  7. Thank you for your information !! Tom
  8. I need some information im new to this just bought a used TD7E 1979 had a issue with the turning to the right ,purchased all the manuals , took fuel tank off and cover of steering system which was the biggest pain to do .. i was finally able to see the brake shoes etc i did locate the adjusting nut on out side and did make the adjustment , wondering if i should change the brake shoes or does anyone know what the minimum spec of the pads supposed to be , or opinion while i have the cover off jsut do them the cost of new one are running $250.00 to 330.00 each for new ones . Thanks
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