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  1. Pulled the engine oil drain plug and out came about a gallon of green coolant before the oil... Hopefully it's just a blown head gasket...
  2. Guess I have an excuse to get another tractor now! ?
  3. I was thinking of something like a 3ph. I actually was thinking of using the 12 volt winch on my four wheeler.
  4. Has anyone ever installed a rear lift on their "A" without mounting it to the fenders? Got pictures?
  5. Finally got some chains for the tractor. They're a bit oversized but maybe with some better tightening they'll fit a little better. Goes through what it didn't before... :-D
  6. I changed all of the gear oils in the tractor. When I got to the steering box though I discovered that it has a grease fitting right next to the top fill hole. The steering box was also full of grease... Is this normal?
  7. Think they'll work even though my engine is the one without a water pump?
  8. Can anyone think of (don't shoot me!) a temporary fix for the cracks that have been welded? It seems that once the tractor has warmed up the welds start "seeping" coolant... :-(
  9. Everything has been reassembled! No further pictures unfortunately but I'm hoping to get a video of the tractor running tomorrow! Cross your fingers!
  10. Yeah... It gave me quite a "jolt"! ;-)
  11. I haven't been soaking the carb... But maybe I should...
  12. New piston rings are in, head is back on, and after newer push rods and newer rocker shaft all I have left to do is down hill from here. :-) I'll get a picture soon ?
  13. I guess im cheap. I'll be getting a set of rings in the mail soon.
  14. Is this the one? https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/Farmall-Super-A_Piston-Ring-Set-Standard-3-Inch-Bore_1486596.html ?
  15. I need help finding the right piston rig set... Bore- 3" Compression rings- 1/8" (X3) Oil ring- .25"?
  16. Well... Two rods were bent, and one valve was stuck. After tapping on that one valve with a rubber mallet I got the valve to go down but it would not return. So... "Off with its head!" I said... Freed up the stuck valve by working it back and forth with the rubber mallet. I niw had the chance to inspect the head and block a bit. On the head there apparently was a crack that followed the coolant passages. These cracks were welded fairly neatly. On the block was a similar crack and the same was done to it. I was told that the tractor ran before it seized... There was about a gallon of clear water that came out with the engine oil (no green antifreeze). And despite my earlier assumptions there was 2-3 gallons of coolant in it when i pulled the drain plug (green w/no oil). The cylinders and pistons were not as bad as I thought. And after a few passes with a ~400 grit cylinder hone cleaned up nicely. I put some marvel mystery oil in the cylinders to free up any stuck rings (don't have a compression tester)...
  17. I went and priced the push rods... Geesh... Why so pricey?
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