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  1. I 100% agree with you. If I planned to work it, we wouldn’t be haven’t this discussion. With plans of it being more for show, I figured I’d look a little for nice used to try and save a few dollars. With that said, I just discovered that a friend right down the road has a pair of 80% Alliance’s on New Holland 10 bolt wheels (hoping the pattern is the same???) for a good price. I might just suck it up and buy 2 new ones and wheels to match. We’ll see what happens. I’ll be looking to get rid of my spare hubs if anyone looking.
  2. None of the tires go flat currently, they’re just falling apart. Singles would park in the shed easier. But the biggest reason is I think they just look better. I’m planning on cleaning this thing up a bit.
  3. Here’s how 18.4’s and 11.00’s look on one.
  4. Thanks Bitty, I’ll look into your suggestions.
  5. Hi all. Just picked this up from a relative this week. Wanted one for awhile as my pops and uncles had one back in the day. I have no practical purpose for it on my farm other than to have it in the collection. It was local and the price was right. Has a 3pt on it and only 3800hrs. I’m wanting to swap it over to 30.5’s, obviously the duals on it are junk. New ones FAR surpass the tractor value so looking for used. Anyone have/know of any? Rims needed too. I’m located is SE PA. Thanks guys.
  6. Just talked to Mike about this last week. He’s got the grammar style but not the sears style. I just discovered that K&M does have the sears style. I’m not sure if it’s the exact style as original though.
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