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  1. I put a turbo on my 3488 this Spring and gave the pump about a half turn. Put it on the dyno and was shocked to see 180hp. Thought about backing it off but just haven’t got around to it yet...
  2. Thank you sir! Yes you do. It’s actually a relatives and he has it up for sale if your interested!
  3. Yes sir it was in neutral. Haven’t convinced myself to put it up for grabs, yet...
  4. Not yet Ace. I only had enough time to get it pulled in the shop before going out of town for work. I get home this weekend. My plan of attack is check pressures (been wanting to check them anyway), isolate the foot and inch, then open it to check the relief valves if I need to go that far. Thanks
  5. Thank you. Was my dads in the 60’s, sold it in early 70’s. Found it torn apart in literally every piece it could be in about 15 years ago. After taking me 10yrs to build it, his second first drive in it was to my wedding not long before he passed. It’s all original ‘32 Ford steel, even the wood in it is original.
  6. Haha!! Funny enough I was just contemplating selling the old gal the other day as I’m winding out of haymaking. Perhaps this is its way of telling me it doesn’t want to leave. I’ve got a new canopy for it that I haven’t got a chance to put on yet. To me that will really set it off.
  7. Thanks guys. I was just trying to help a good friend out. He was getting ready to mow a 25ac pasture with a skid steer mounted 5’ bush hog, I felt bad so offered my tractor with a 10’. His field is wide open and flat, figured what could he do to it. Such is life. He feels horrible but I told him something was on the trigger of breaking anyway if holding the brakes was all it took. Out of town now for work till next weekend. I’ll get around to checking it out when I get back.
  8. The pedals in both tractors are extremely smooth too I’ll add.
  9. Agree completely. I use the foot and inch for that same purpose when need be. I also use it round baling with the 3488. When I need to stop fairly quickly from 8ish mph to wrap the bale, I can’t believe pulling the speed control back to stop it is better for it than pushing in the pedal and using the brake, especially when there’s a 2000lbs silage bale in there and I’m going down hill. Been running them that way for awhile. Normally though yes, I just use the lever. If the pedal was called the starting and emergency use only valve and the books directed it to be used as such I’d feel differently about it.
  10. Here you go Mark. If you figure it out by looking at the pic you’ll be my hero!
  11. Jacka, I should have given a little more background. I was in the heat of the moment when I posted originally. I apologize to you sir, thank you for your attempts in helping.
  12. I gotta laugh a little here because I literally almost wrote in my original post, J-mech please don’t bother responding- though I’ve never had conversation with you. We’ve all read your posts on here and other than the chuckles we’ve received from your juvenile, pompous rants, you offer little more to us than that. I’ve owned/operated 3 different hydros over the last 10 years (656, 1066, 3488) and this is the first problem I’ve ever had. But your right, I have no idea how to operate them. I’m glad you find comfort in thinking your the expert on everything.
  13. Thank you pete23 for the useful comments. I did not check the clamped on mechanism, but making sure the linkage going into the trans was the the first thing I did look at. I’ll take a good look at it, but I’d be surprised if the foot and inch valve is the culprit as it was working fine 5 mins prior. Stranger things have happened though. Jacka, the purpose of putting clutch in quotes was to say I know it’s not a clutch. Explaining the useful purpose of it to someone completely unfamiliar with hydros doesn’t get any easier and simpler than calling it a clutch to them until they’re familiar. Second, please explain how high range, 1/4 speed, just off idle on flat ground is going to hurt it? Where did I say I was in the field working it? Do you start them in low range then select hi while in motion? I certainly hope not. My query is for anyone that may have had a similar issue to potentially help with trouble shooting before I hook up gauges and whatnot, not an opportunity to assume your the only one who knows how to operate one.
  14. I should add that everything else still works, steering, brakes, 3pt...
  15. So this just happened an hour ago. I was running it for about an hour mowing my pasture this morning, no issues. My friend showed up to grab the tractor as I was going to let him borrow it to mow his pastures. I was sitting on the tractor with him to check him out on it. Had it in high range, speed control forward about a quarter way and just off idle, told him to let out the “clutch” which he did but he froze up and left his foot on the brakes. As the tractor is dying out and me saying “foot of the brake!” 3 times in rapid succession, I smacked the speed control back to neutral. Now on the second attempt, the tractor would hardly move in either range, forward or reverse and was shuttering as it did so. Kicked him off the seat, let it sit for a bit, and now it will only lurch just a bit in either direction then nothing, no movement at all. Thoughts? Relief valves stuck? I’ve had the tractor for a year now for hay work, been great no issues. Has 8000 on a working clock, I’ve got no idea as to the history before me. Thanks guys.
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