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  1. It’s a decent amount of work to get it pulled as everything else has to come off the axle before the center can be removed. I’m glad I did it though. It started as just a reseal job but ended up replacing all the bearings throughout the axle. They were all galled and worn from years of use, wouldn’t have been long before major issues started. All the bearings are standard Timken and most of the seals are Chicago Rawhide, only a couple of those had to come from IH. Do not buy the bearings through IH! It saved me about $1500 buying them elsewhere.
  2. I just had mine all apart on my 3488. You will have to remove the center section to adjust the lash, which is adjusted by the carrier bearing retainer nuts on each side. Easy to do once you have it apart! The thrust bolt is just to prevent excess deflection in the ring gear, not adjust backlash.
  3. I appreciate the kind words. I’ve heard from several guys that he wouldn’t sell you something that he thought you didn’t need. As you said, he loved helping guys out.
  4. That’s him 😊 I can’t go too many places where someone doesn’t know him!
  5. TripleFangus


    Hi all. So I’ve been bitten by the bug of trying to find my late father’s and uncle’s 4366. Let me first say that I realize with the little bit of info that I have, this is a needle in a huge haystack. We’ve been looking for what records we have, to try and find the s/n or something but no luck as of yet. They were in business together as Lester Brothers Farming in the 70’s thru early 80’s. They closed up shop around ‘83? (I was only 4 at the time) and everything was sold at auction in New London, PA which is in Southeastern PA. That’s pretty much all the info I have. I know it’s a long shot but thought it might ring a bell in someone. Thanks all in advance.
  6. Just talked to Mike about this last week. He’s got the grammar style but not the sears style. I just discovered that K&M does have the sears style. I’m not sure if it’s the exact style as original though.
  7. Cooter, I have a complete M&W turbo kit for the 706/d282 that I got off of eBay a couple years back. Before you get too excited I’m not looking to sell it, one of these days I want to stick it on mine. If you need any help on the what’s what of it, I can send you some pics or whatever.
  8. That chart has had me scratching my head for a couple of weeks. I spoke with Ed tonight. He provided me with some info to help try and figure it out. He surely is a wealth of information.
  9. So I’m looking to swap tires on my 3488. Currently, it has 18.4-38 Radials on the back and 14.9-28 bias on the front. This combo is on the chart in the manual but it puts the nose high in the air which I don’t like. I’m thinking of switching to to 20.8-38 bias in the back with 13.6-28’s bias in the front- again this combo is on the chart and should give a “level” stance. My question is Firestone has 13.6-28 radials on promo and are surprisingly $140 cheaper than the bias version. I’m leery about getting them though since the book specifies radial or bias per the tires combo. Did they even have radials in the smaller size back in ‘84? Suggestions from the experts please?! A picture of the chart is attached. Thanks
  10. TripleFangus


    Your welcome. A question that ran through my mind was if it when restored, would it be worth more to keep it green or paint it red???
  11. TripleFangus


    Sounds pretty much exactly what I’ve got set up. How much did you turn your pump up?
  12. TripleFangus


    No pics, but it was one of the green ones from Garden state race track.
  13. TripleFangus


    Matt, yeah that’s the one. The one at the yard needs a LOT of work but the owner plans to restore it someday.
  14. TripleFangus


    Ace, I ended up working a straight trade deal with him for a 75c. I needed a larger cab tractor. I was looking for a 5240 Maxxum, but after looking at 3 different, under 4K hrs “nice” ones, I got fed up as one had a trashed trans, another had more blowby than I’ve ever seen, and another one was leaking oil everywhere. I’d been drooling over this 3488 every since seeing it sitting in the shed at the dealer 5 yrs ago. Can I say I stole it, no. But in 10yrs I’d probably loose half my investment in the 75c, the 3488 only stands to increase in value. My love of the hydros didn’t help matters either...
  15. TripleFangus


    Matt, my s/n is 891. Thesd5488 you were absolutely right. Fortunately the parts place I went too had a 3488 actually sitting there. Even with the tightest (any tighter and it would be too restrictive) aftermarket 90 degree rubber elbow they had to go on the intake of the turbo, the elbow hit the brake valve using the 5088 manifold. With the 86 series manifold, and a 86 series muffler eliminator pipe, the stack will go through the original hole in the hood by adding an additional 90 degree bend that I’ll have made. On the intake side, the 90 degree boot fits just inside the shrouding and from there can be hooked to the air cleaner easily with some additional tubing. I ended up just picking up a new set of exhaust manifolds and a new turbo. So much for being cheaper than a muffler...
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