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  1. JT706

    844S tractors

    I seen one for sale, thought it’d make a good low profile bush hog/utility tractor.I’ve never been around one so was wondering if there were parts available (new/aftermarket/salvage)
  2. Columbus Col-Weld always did a good job with blocks and heads but closed their doors in 2016
  3. JT706

    844S tractors

    844S parts availability
  4. There’s a lot of potential there after the mower is shot (hydraulic pump,motors and gear box) as long as you keep the filters changed
  5. JT706

    4186 brake problem

    I’m getting fluid to the brake control and fluid on the first push of the pedal on the outlet side and then you can’t push the pedal down (This is at the bleeder on the end of the controller)
  6. Very nice job I also like the steps. Would like to see where they’re bolted to the tractor
  7. Optima 34R battery. In your area one should be enough They last a lot longer than the 3EHs. Either custom make a battery box or get an aftermarket Farmall box
  8. I have a 4186 with PTO and when I use something that’s not 1000 rpm I bought an adapter that snaps on to make it 1 3/8” 540 You have to make sure the PTO shaft on the implement your hooked to has enough clearance not to bottom out since it extends the output shaft 6”or so. I’ve had it 20 years or so. Bought it at a farm and fleet or TSC store
  9. I overhauled a C-135 that was in a 340 about 20 years ago and bought the parts through a local machine shop. Those engines have 2 different pistons in them so make sure you order the right ones. Both will fit but one has a higher dome
  10. Gensco 1-800-828-3350. They also have a very good tire sealant
  11. The brake pedal is hard on my 4186 I rebuilt the brake control but the pedal is still hard and no brakes
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