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  1. Choke on means it is running lean, not getting enough fuel. Problem has to be in the carb, or a vacuum leak, but you tested for that and found none. Keep looking. Problem is in the carb.
  2. Yep. Blockage, wrong main jet (that the needle goes against) or low fuel level in the bowl. Did this happen suddenly?
  3. No change? At all? If you screw it all the way in does it die? Sounds like you have a blockage, or incorrect fuel level in the bowl.
  4. Application. Depends on build and application.
  5. J-Mech


    Don't believe the 1660 ever got one. 1680 did.
  6. Lines running to the dist are vacuum lines for the governor. O-rings for water pump lines? No idea what you are asking about there.
  7. I should add, the 4586 is straight pipe, but now on the right side of the cab tucked neatly out of sight.
  8. In the pic, a bolt is loose. I'm sure you noticed. You didn't say, and I'm going to ask.... you did try backing out the main valve right?
  9. Pull the plug on the bottom right and pull the steering relief out. Put a bucket under it and start it. Let it puke some oil, then put it all back. Should go after that.
  10. We started using only the right door on the 86 cabs because it's easier. 88 cabs are better. 88 cab with a Magnum door would be the cats meow.
  11. Edelman Brass should make it. What's wrong with it? Cross threaded? That is a power bleeder.
  12. After rebuilding the 4586, I put a decibel app on my phone and checked it. In the cab under load, it ran right at 80 dcb. Checked a Magnum. It was maybe 75. Not much difference at all. But that is with dynamat all over the entire inside, new floor mat and new cab kit. So, you can get them "quiet". No idea how loud it would be in stock form.
  13. Sometimes they are tough. OHM the stator
  14. Looking at the pictures again, I may have not seen this right. Is there a slip shaft on front?
  15. What is a shame is that people ignore good advice when it doesn't make them feel good. Your feelings have nothing to do with a mechanical problem. Emotion should play no part in it.
  16. I don't care what you have tried. There is only one correct way to phase a shaft, and in the pictures it is out of phase. Then why was the shaft not balanced or correctly phased? No, they are few and far between. Two within 50 miles of me in opposite directions. Commonly near truck shops. I assure you it didn't leave the factory with two slip shafts on it. Someone has changed this truck. You are the one who is having trouble with a truck. You come to get free advice. You have 100+ answers here, but 98% of them are guesses and pure bs. I've built a lot of drivelines and I can see, plain as day, the issues with yours, yet you want to b!tch about how I tell you what's wrong just to earn some brownie points with your buddies???? Good luck with it then.
  17. I can't believe how many comments this rang up in short order... Problem is obvious and twofold: 1.) Driveshaft phase is incorrect. 2.) Driveshafts must be balanced. Even the best welder can't build it perfect. There is a reason there are shops that specialize in building driveshafts. Not just any hon-yock with a welder and a lathe can build them. Take it out and find a driveshaft shop that can balance it. They'll likely find it not welded together correctly as well. First section does not need a slip-shaft either.
  18. J-Mech

    Covid Shot

    I've heard if you have a strong immune system it keeps you from getting sick when exposed to sickness. Used to work that way at least.
  19. Maple Hunter sells them. I'm sure a bunch of other places as well now.
  20. I use a harmonic balancer puller, but they are basically the same thing as a wheel puller. Don't use a jaw puller, you'll break the flywheel. Don't heat it either. Tighten the puller up and give the pull bolt a firm whack with a hammer. It will pop right off. Stators very seldom fail. You sure it is bad? More likely that the magnets came off the flywheel. You'll know soon...
  21. Is the filter tight enough? I mean, not like stupid tight, but it has to be tight enough to seal. Supply line?
  22. Sounds like some linkage broke or wore beyond ability to function.
  23. I don't recall grease zerks, an oil can is suitable. Seat removal isn't necessary at this point, but if the problem is internal, it will be. Will it come out of gear with the engine off?
  24. An acceptable amount for the size of the ring gear.
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