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  1. RyanFouks

    IH fire extinguisher

    I need that one to add to my collection of them I have one from 1965 And one from 1977
  2. RyanFouks

    Old 915 still cracking kernels please send advise

    It has rasp bars and filler bars. The guy I bought it from said something about the switch the sprocket but he said that it has the slower one
  3. RyanFouks

    Old 915 still cracking kernels please send advise

    The cylinder spend indicator doesn't work but as far as I can tell I can't watch it down any more. If I open the concave anymore it doesn't clean the hole cob. Thanks everyone for the help
  4. Hello I am new to this site but I figured it was a good place to look for advice. Last fall after we got our corn off I bought an old ih 915 with 2 744 corn heads and a early style flex head. The hole set up is the early 915 with a V8 gas in it and in real good shape I would but it has less the 800 hours on it. I have the concave set right I think no cob in the grain tank and hole coming out the back cylinder is slowed down as far as it can go as far as I can tell and it is still cracking a lot of corn any advice would be very much appreciated. Phone number in case calls work best for you 715 607 1049