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  1. I have a Gearmatic Winch on my TD7E which runs all the time. The Master Control was dry and dirty when we purchased the crawler. We cleaned it up and put in new fluid and tried to bleed the lines but we think we have bypass in the control valve. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find parts for the control valve or if I should look for something else. Thanks
  2. Purchased a TD7E which had the fuel tank shutoff replaced with just an elbow. Would like to find correct fuel shutoff , 650 443 C92, but have not had any luck finding one. Anybody have a suggestion or work around? thanks
  3. The one part I am having the toughest time with is 621 550 C2, which is the front crossbar. I have checked quite a few places and have not had ,much luck.
  4. gg, thanks for the help. Any idea where to look for parts?
  5. Just bought a IH TD7E Crawler that has the SN plate on the left side of front seat that is so worn out that it cannot be read. I have been told that it is also stamped on the upper right hand side near the rear face of rear main frame but I cannot locate that area. Can someone give me some help of where that location is?
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