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  1. Thanks for your photos 12_Guy. The last one is a great help. I have some period looking brass needle valves so I will use these for now. I do not know the condition of the fuel pump yet so will be a wait and see after I get the plumbing done.
  2. I use the basic version of this quite often while sitting at an airport waiting for my plane to come in and keeps me up to date with it's arrival time. Also, from my home which is situated in an elevated location with extensive views, it can be interesting to see what is flying around, including our local rescue chopper.
  3. Can anyone help me with a photo of the original fuel pipe set up and fuel valves as used on the F14 Farmall as viewed looking at the fuel tank and carburetter from the RH side of the engine. My F14 has the distillate option with the two separate fuel tanks. I have both the Owners manual and Instruction Book and the drawings in both these - including the parts drawing only show the fuel system from the LH side and the fuel valves are hidden by the exhaust pipe.
  4. The A554 was built here in Victoria during the 1960's and virtually the same as the W6 and B450 from Britian, & fitted with the IH 264 4cy 55hp diesel engine.. The fibreglass cowling is about the only likeness to the 660. THis A554 was also available as a rowcrop Farmall and the 564 Farmall, also shown above replaced the A554.
  5. Following on, here are some of the trucks at this show. You will notice how dry the grounds are. Even though we are in the first weeks of spring, we are experiencing one of the worst droughts since farming first started here in the 1800's and what that can be seen here is typical a lot of the country at present. We can only hope for some summer rains. The Atkinson (bottom) was built by IH in Melbourne.
  6. The Kingaroy & District Vintage Machinery Club's Annual Rally was held at Kingaroy in the South Burnett Region of Queensland last week-end where the feature was IH equipment. A vast variety of equipment was displayed and the photos following show this variety. Peanuts are the principal crop grown here in the rich red volcanic soils of the area, hence quite a few row-crop equipped Farmalls were displayed, some with a distinct non IH red patina. I will follow up with some trucks in my next post.
  7. In the mining industry, electric drives are used to power the large draglines and face shovels, feeding off the main power grid. In the past, I was involved in the maintenance of these big beasts where everything was on the massive scale. On the BE 1370 walking dragline, fitted with 300' boom, 100 ton capacity bucket and weighing about 2500 tons, they were fitted with 4 500hp motors to make them walk, 4 to hoist and another 4 to drag the bucket in. To swing the machine, another four 500hp motors were used. All these functions used very high reduction gearboxes to create massive torque. For exa
  8. On the last week-end of January, the Warwick Vintage Car Club stage their annual vintage rally at the small Darling Downs town of Allora in Southern Queensland. These photos have been taken over a period of about 8 years. This is the first vintage show of the year and what makes this show interesting, a vast range of machinery is displayed, covering tractors & farm equipment, cars, bikes, trucks and stationary engines The Fordson in the foreground is my 1936 Model N The Australian built A514 Farmall of about 1964
  9. Here are a few more photos taken while I was working on this mammoth construction job. At it's peak, about 60 scrapers (IH, Cat, Terex), about the same number of rear dump trucks and dozers. Lined up in front of our field workshop A pose frequently seen having the transmission changed out. The Allison trannys in the 295s did not give a good life where-as, the same series used in our Wabco, & Euclid trucks and in Terex scrapers gave good service. Always had a rough shift, but I believe, a fix was found in their later life. A Hough 30 beside a Cat 992B
  10. Hello all, here are a couple photos of a 495 scraper set up on blocks in the town of Twizel, located in the central region of New Zealand's South Island. A large fleet of these cable operated scrapers were used to construct several hydro electric power projects in the Waitaki River Basin during the 1960's and 70's. These machines were eventually replaced with a fleet of 15 IH 295 scrapers. These 3 axle scrapers were powered by the DT817 engine with 5 speed Allison powershift transmission. Smooth to drive on a good road and steered as good as a truck and one day while I was being escorted drivi
  11. Some nice classic tractors. Looking at the ice and snow, it makes me appreciate our 30 - 38°C (93 - 100°F) days are not so bad after all.
  12. This dozer is a David Brown 50TD, built in England in 1958 and number 69 of only 470 of this model built over about 5 years. Powered by a David Brown 6 cylinder diesel engine, manual transmission and uses the same planetary steering as used on the Cletrac crawlers. With it's 56" track gauge and low centre of gravity, this tractor was ideal for steep hillside farming and many of these were exported to New Zealand. As can be seen, it was a fair mess before I started. Needed a full set of gears, crown wheel & pinion and the diff side carrier repaired with a new spigot welded in.
  13. Dave, the only one I know for sure is the white C-1600 centre top photo. This truck would be about 5 ton capacity and most likely fitted with the IH 6 cylinder 282 cu inch petrol engine. Incidentially, Dodge here in Australia built a similar range of trucks using the same cab as IH, which was built by an independant body builder.
  14. Here are some of the IH tractors that have been displayed around our local shows recently A554, built in the 60's here in Gelong Victoria and is based on the WD6 but fitted with the 264 cu in 4 cyl diesel. Wide Guage TD5 TD6 with a pull type rotating scoop 686 - another model that was built here at the Gelong Plant This one sold recently for AU$80,000 Model 564 - updated version of the A554 British built B414 Model MD with heavy cast wheel centres
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