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  1. That’s fantastic thanks I am now even more convinced that international had methodology in the numbering of engines to the chassis numbers.In the five numbers close to ours all cases the last two engine numbers match serial plate last two numbers.The difference is in the thousands and hundreds . Engine number Serial number. Difference 149005 152905 3900 150975 155375 4400 early post I said 5600 152384 15 ?? 84 Our Farmall 48 M 159660 164860 5200 171223 178423 7200 200408 209408 9000 49 M So please if you have a 48 M with serial number around the 150000 to 160000 can you post engine and serial number if engine is the original. Thank you regards Chub 63
  2. Thanks for the list ,big collection, any chance of posting engine number of your 48 and 49 m s please. regards Chub 63
  3. Thanks rustred I thought the same however to have three engine numbers close to ours that end in such even numbers difference,I am not sure.I can understand the growing gap between early and later tractors as Diesel engines came more popular, regards Chub 63
  4. My first post I stated I had a 48 m with a British front axle , we have no serial number only engine number and casting numbers very original . Thank you those who replied while not fully getting all answers I was after we are making progress. What I need is the engine numbers for the first English built Farmall m first two still exist, so hoping someone will know someone who can post them in a reply, big ask I know.Secondly if it is all American built and had front axle swapped, can someone help who has a 48 ,by posting engine number and serial number if original block. Engine number is below number one spark plug stamped into machined flat spot .Here is what I have got so far with engine number vs serial number 1. FBK M eng 149005. Serial 152905 difference 3900 2. FBK M eng. 150975 Serial. 155375 difference 5600 3. Our m. FBK M eng 152384 X3. Serial unknown 4. FBK M. eng 171223. Serial 178423 difference. 7200. Interesting the Farmall M serial numbers do appear to follow a pattern to engine numbers so must be written down somewhere. Any help with your 48 serial and engine numbers would be great. Regards Chub 63
  5. I’m another new guy with two red tractors,but it’s the oldest one we need help with.We brought a tidy for age one owner since 1970 Farmall M . We have had her since July and new parts sort and fitted she is running sweetly. Problem is there is no serial plate ,and no visible decals,repainted early seventies.Engine number FBK M 152384 X3, I think x3 is kerosene, please correct me if I’m wrong. Engine number I believe is January 1948 other castings indicates February March 48 everything made in USA including deco remi electrics. Here is the issue , our M has a original English front axle and Doncaster didn’t start marking M s till 1949 and then they only made 258 that year. We are in New Zealand and from about 1950 tractors were imported from England rather than the USA because of import tax. Does anybody know if there are records of what engine when with what serial plate, or a anything about decals is it a M or a BM?. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Chub63
  6. Hi Mike 

    I need help with a with our old Farmall m , no serial number, engine number 

    FBK M 152384 x3 ( January 48) all castings February/March 48  , ours has 

    a English front axle and had a paint job in the early seventies so no decals stating BM . I read you had an early English assembled m and being from N Z as well was wondering if your tractor engine number was close to ours .l also read there was only 258 assembled in 1949 ,ist year for Doncaster.Do you know if there were good records kept on what chassis’s had what engines.?

    Any help would be appreciated 

    regards Chub 63

    1. mike newman

      mike newman

      Hullo Chub.....currently   working away from home......operating  excavator /dozer....have tractors scattered around  countryside...will get back to you !

      Regards Mike N

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