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  1. Lots of good suggestions here and thank you. Weather has taken a turn to the cold and I am working outdoors. Was away for a few days as well, but I will try these ideas out and report back
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, the carb has been apart and cleaned up. I know fuel reaches the bowl. I tried the brake cleaner trick simply to see if I could get it to fire. I know from experience that this can be a simple trick to see if there is fuel in the intake manifold. I would not expect it to run, but it becomes a diagnostic step. There was not even a hint that it would fire. Spark is good as tested at the plug. That dead cylinder is a concern, but the engine could easily run on the remaining 5. If a valve could hit a piston, it would already have happened simply fr
  3. Hi. First post here. Bringing a 606 gas back from the dead. Bought it not running. Of course it allegedly ran when they parked it in the bush 20 years ago. So, I have cleaned out the fuel system, checked for spark, checked the firing order, tested compression, (150 lb in 5 cylinders. #1 is dead, assuming stuck valve.) I cannot get this thing to fire. Even tried a shot of brake cleaner into the carburetor throat while cranking. New battery cables and battery, spins over just fine. I would like to fire this thing up before I tackle that dead cylinder. Cannot find timi
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