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  1. JuddDavis

    Farmall 504

    I converted my 504 when I did the restoration to 12 volt. I put a 20 amp fuse in an in line fuse holder on the power wire from the starter to the volt meter gauge that then runs to the key for main power. The fuse pops only when running. Not when starting or shutting off. Any advise?
  2. What do I do now? It was leaking a little so I am going through tractor. Thought the worst was behind me with the purchase of a newer gas tank. Now this. Any thoughts?
  3. thank all. still figuring how to work this thing. I didnt see the replies. sorry. thanks good info
  4. can anyone tell me what 2299 s-y-cc means on the tag of a farmall 504 i just bought?
  5. anyone know what 2299 s-y-cc means on the serial tag on a farmall 504 tractor?
  6. I was wondering what this serial number was telling me about this tractor? 2299 S-Y-CC
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